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Karen Bromley

“We specialize in the fashion and lifestyle industries and our mission has always been to develop exciting, engaging and results-oriented programs that help increase the bottom line for companies.” – Karen Bromley, The Bromley Group.

by Michelle Broomes

For any brand to have a chance at market domination in this present commercial climate, social media exposure and effective brand communication are inevitable. This usually encompasses more than just creating a Facebook page or uploading a blog and can often include a multi-level team of experts integrating tailor-made services to achieve the brand’s goals.

Brand communication aims at urging people both internally [within the company] and externally [the public] to come to value a brand and what it stands for. Consequently, what that brand says about itself is not singly important but also to whom, when and where. Leaning on an industry expert for mediation could bring those optimum results that every brand dreams of.

Curvy Couture Vivica A. Fox Collection Foxy Lace Balconette

Above: the Vivica A Fox collection for Curvy Couture.

The Bromley Group (TBG), based in New York, has been in this business of guiding brands through the marketing and PR jungle for around three decades by designing and coordinating customized communications and linked services for its clients which have included intimate apparel market giants.

Principal of The Bromley Group, Karen Bromley, spoke to The Lingerie Journal about how her Agency works to help brands achieve the right amount of exposure in order to corner an ideal share of the target market.

Before heading up TBG, Karen worked as a PR director for several fashion corporations and created private brand programs for over five hundred US stores so she has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to elevate a brand.

Interview with Karen Bromley

Curvy Couture's Dora Lau takes a moment to pose with Karen Bromley, President of The Bromley Group, and Paul Cohen at the Femmy Awards.

Above and from left: Karen Bromley, Curvy Couture Dora Lau and Paul Cohen at the Femmy Awards.

Karen, thank you so much for taking the time speak to us! For some of our readers who might not be familiar with your company, could you give us an overview of what the Bromley Group (TBG) is all about?

TBG is a leading fashion, lifestyle and celebrity communications agency with experience raising awareness, cultivating consumer loyalty and as a result building, growing and elevating some of the world’s most relevant brands. About a year ago we opened a Social Media Division to meet the needs of clients, managing all their social platforms, creating their voice and combining the PR and Social messaging seamlessly.

We’d love to know how and when TBG started? Could you tell us a little bit about the TBG team members? How many people are on your staff?

The Bromley Group’s solid reputation is 30 years in the making. We specialize in the fashion and lifestyle industries and our mission has always been to develop exciting, engaging and results-oriented programs that help increase the bottom line for companies. Our team is made up of experienced PR professionals that are smart, stylish, creative, and fun to work with on everything from traditional publicity efforts to social media campaigns. We have a team of 15 and work with long time partners for graphic design, media buying, video and fashion productions, and website design. We have international agency affiliates in Canada, LA and Europe.

We know that your team works hand-in-hand with brands, often being there with them on a trade show floor, could you tell us why it’s important for TBG to work this closely with clients?

At a trade show there is tremendous media attention for what is new. It’s important for our team to support our clients by scheduling appointments with media to see the new collections and enhance the bond that is created when meeting in person. The trade show floor is so dynamic and gives us the opportunity to experience the brand from the point of view of the sales team, management team, buyers, media and the industry as a whole.

Bromely Group produced Fashion Show

How did you come to work with Intimate Apparel Clients? Could you share a rundown of some of your lingerie clients and what you do for them?

One of our first clients was DuPont and we worked on many projects for Lycra and Coolmax. We were appointed by the Intimate Apparel Council to create a campaign that increased sales and visibility for intimates. TBG created the concept of Lingerie Week as a way to create consumer engagement and awareness at the retail level. The event drove millions of dollars in sales and ran in over 3,000 doors. It ran for nine years. I appeared on Oprah taking about bras and proper fit, and even Jay Leno announced Lingerie Week! TBG has launched and worked with many of the industry leaders including Hanro, Freya, Fantasie, Warner’s, Chantelle, Curvy Couture, among others. In addition, I started my career as an intimates buyer at Belk’s Department Stores.

How can the TBG help a lingerie brand in its communication, marketing, media and PR?

We really understand the industry and have strong connections with media, retailers, and industry leaders. Our senior team is adept at facilitating important introductions, and ensuring success through strong messaging and media placements in key trade and consumer outlets. It’s also about creating opportunities at events including press previews and sponsoring influential events. Our approach is successful because we have daily involvement from senior members of the team.

How can you help a brand that’s just starting out and a brand that’s already been in business for a few years?

When a brand is just starting out, retail distribution is the most important success factor. TBG is able to help drive traffic to a brand’s ecommerce site and build from there. Traditional and social media drive consumer engagement and sales, something that retailers, both online and physical stores, really need to see before they pick-up a brand. A solid PR campaign is essential to both start-ups and small businesses that are in a significant growth phase.

Victor Vega and Karen Bromley

Above and from left: Victor Vega and Karen Bromley.

What do you see as the biggest pitfalls new brands can avoid when they’re just starting out to reach out to consumers, retailers and the media?

It is important for new brands to be 100% prepared because you can only have a strong launch once. This means samples need to be perfect, visual elements from the website to look book photography needs to be brand-right, and the stages of growth need to be realistic. Also, be honest with your PR firm. If there are any issues with colors or production, it’s smart to be prepared and plan ahead to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Media lose trust in brand when a story is pitched and they are drawn in, only to be disappointed.

How else is the TBG involved in the world of intimates?

We are actively involved with the Underfashion Club, the Femmy Awards, and Fashion Group. Our teams attend all the major tradeshows including CurvExpo and Magic, and we work with vertical industries such as various fiber and fabric companies. Of course, we are avid readers of Lingerie Journal!

What’s the best way for some of our readers to get in touch with TBG to learn more about your firm’s services?

We would love to hear from your readers. Our website is the bromely group and our phone number is 212.696.1100. They can also send us an email to

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