Bumbrella Panty Slip Product Review

bumbrella two in one panty slip

“As promised, the bumbrella ‘conceals without the squeeze.’ The waistband stays up without giving the wearer that dreaded mid-stomach seam that ruins those light and sheer dresses of summer.”

As a lingerie-aficionado, I’m always excited to try out new silhouettes and innovative pieces to see what the future holds for the worlds of intimates. So, as you can imagine, I was excited to review the reimagined half-slip from buzzworthy brand, bumbrella.

With a new, patented design, the brand has created a modern half-slip known as the bumbrella. As Tara Gallagher, President of CiCi Soleil Ltd, explained to The Lingerie Journal in a previous article, “The bumbrella features an integrated panty that keeps the slip in place so it won’t twist, turn or creep up.”

Available in three shades—nude, black and true blue – I received the black half-slip in both the thong and hipster brief styles.

With summer around the corner, the idea of streamlining my undergarments sounds magical. However, a two-in-one product always fills me unwarranted hesitation. I always wonder, “Will one of its functions be compromised in order to fit in two separate functions into one garment?” So, I held my breath when I opened my two packages from bumbrella and prepared to try them on.

Bumbrella Hang Tag. Photo by Rachel O'Donnell

The hangtag on the garment is very cute with a blue and white umbrella inspired design. The tag reads, “Sunshine can illuminate ideas at unexpected moments. The bumbrella was born after realizing my black dress was transparent in the sunlight. The bumbrella’s modern silhouette conceals without the squeeze. It offers a cool solution for all women, curvy or slip, to feel confident and free. CiCi says embrace your shape…be authentic…just be”.

Bumbrella Hipster Brief. Photo by Rachel O'Donnell

“The lightweight half-slip was certainly soft to the touch and very breathable.”

So far, so good! I love the inclusive message and branding. It is definitely much more hip and relatable compared to the slips offered at most department stores that are only sold as “solutionwear” and are purely functional.

Bumbrella Product Review

The lightweight half-slip was certainly soft to the touch and very breathable. The biggest difference I noticed with the bumbrella compared to most slips was the soft waistband. As promised, the bumbrella ‘conceals without the squeeze’, although elasticated, the waistband stays up without giving the wearer that dreaded mid-stomach seam that ruins those light and sheer dresses of summer. Since bumbrella’s aim is to conceal, it does not provide any sort of shaping. If you are looking for a more heavy duty shapewear inspired half-slip, this may not be ideal. But, as someone who is looking for as little VPL (or VSL in this case) this is a major plus for me.

Bumbrella Product Review

The bumbrella reaches right below the navel and its hemline reaches around mid-thigh for most wearers. As an unexpected, but delightfully appreciated perk, bumbrella is also great for mommy’s-to-be! Their website size guide explains, “Bumbrella works well with growing baby bumps, too! Simply position the soft-edge waistband where it feels most comfortable. We recommend wearing the waistband beneath your bump for optimum comfort, but you know your body best!”

For those not expecting, it’s still important to find the right size for you and your body type. As the company advises, “If your bumbrella doesn’t hang freely around your hips in it’s comfortable A-line shape, you risk the nuisance of ride-up or visible pantylines. The slip portion will pull tightly across your bum and creep up when you walk…Don’t be afraid to size up!”

As someone who wears a dress-size 2 or 4, I selected the size small and it fit great!

Bumbrella Product Review

Bumbrella also comes with a thong or hipster brief option. I was more partial to the hipster brief option as a matter of personal preference but the thong bumbrella option is also nice. The thong is a nice standard width and not a teeny-tiny little string, adding to the comfort for all-day wear! Both styles feature a cotton gusset, which is more breathable and hygienic, especially during the summer!

As with most high quality intimates, the bumbrella is hand-wash only. Oddly enough, it’s the garments that you hand-wash that last the longest, not the machine wash items, so give your bumbrella the love and care it deserves and it’ll be your go-to half-slip for years to come! And with three different color-ways and two different panty styles, there’s an option for everyone, no matter the occasion or season!

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