Burnout Prevention and Healing

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“…burnout can be prevented and is reversible as long as it’s identified and treated.”

As professionals and entrepreneurs, we are quite familiar with stress. Business and stress seem to go hand in hand. However, when exactly does this stress morph into burnout?

Burnout actually happens slowly, like a drip where you really don’t notice its arrival until completely submerged. It’s a chronic level of stress where symptoms include long-term detachment, anxiety, increased illness, cynicism, lack of passion and pretty much feeling you have given all that you can give.

On a more positive note, burnout can be prevented and is reversible as long as it’s identified and treated. Below are some easy ways to slowly heal so that you can restore the passion, happiness and motivation that once encouraged you to start your journey.

1. Identify:

Take note of all that makes you feel overwhelmed and also note some ways you can lessen the impact. Try and work smarter versus harder.

2. Eliminate:

Are there projects you are taking on just for the sake of it? If your heart is not invested in it, learn to say “no”. Passing on projects you are not fully passionate about will make you more effective and will give you the energy needed to go above and beyond with the projects you do love. Whatever is done halfway and without heart will ultimately affect your personal brand and the quality of your work. Think quality versus quantity.

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3. Nourish:

What makes you happy? It can be as simple as having time to read a book or taking a new class. Carve out time to nourish your soul, because the health of your soul is needed in everything you do. Setting aside 15 minutes or more of your day for YOU is an investment to your health and wellbeing.

4. Unplug:

Use social media as a positive tool; however, avoid getting completely submerged in it. When social media takes over and becomes your first priority and dictates your life, then it’s time to step back. Moderation is key. If you find the need to unplug or disconnect, it’s ok. Prepare for it and move forward.

5. Protect your oasis:

Resist the urge to continue your office work at home for as long as you are in the burnout phase. Your home should be that special place where you can relax and recharge for the next demanding day. Although certain important work related issues might be resolved at home, be mindful of how much you take on.

These are only a few ways to prevent and even heal burnout. Keep in mind that no technology or device can ever take the place of actual human contact. Sometimes, just sharing your feelings with a trusted friend or professional can make a big difference. Remember to focus on the small accomplishments and efforts, which will pave the way to success and completion of larger goals.

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