Cache Coeur Maternity Bolas

Cache Coeur Maternity Bolas

Cache Coeur will be at CURVENY, booth #415.

“The maternity bola is a jewel full of symbolism and affection.” – Cache Coeur.

Cache Coeur unveiled their new line of Maternity Bolas for September 2016. The brand creates each bola in their workshop using brass, silver, plated gold, rhodium or with Swarovski crystals.

There 20 distinct styles featuring varying designs and shapes and all are guaranteed 100% nickel-free. The chains are crafted from silver and are approximately 110 cm long and adjustable.

Cache Coeur Maternity Bolas

The maternity bolas come from Mexican and Indonesians traditions and are worn by pregnant women, as an accessory, to soothe their baby.

Inside the bola there is a little ball, dancing at the rhythm of the mom’s movements. It makes a lovely ringing, perceived by the baby in the womb.

“The mom wears it on her belly, as much as she can, so the baby will be become familiar with the sound, that will continue to calm, sooth and reassure him after his birth,” said the brand. “They are the perfect pregnancy gift and an absolute must have in Europe, among pregnant women.”

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About Cache Coeur
Cache Coeur likes to break the codes, creating original designs representing a new generation of moms and moms-to-be, in touch with their feminine side!

Based in France, Cache Coeur in 2008 by Audrey and Philippe Trolliet. Since then, it has grown into a leader on the French market, and a major player in Europe and all around the world, thanks to the quality of its products and innovations.

For five years now, our team of expert stylists and designers has been paying close attention to the moms-to-be and new moms’ needs in the creation process.

Our mission is to guarantee you the best of maternity lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear. Our team makes sure that we work with the best quality of fabrics to match your needs.

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