Cake Lingerie Intros “Embrace Me” a Lux Seamless Maternity Bra

Cake Embrace Me Bra Illustration1

Cake Lingerie recently announced that it has added the first luxurious seamless maternity bra called ‘Embrace Me’, “providing for the perfect transition and sleep accessory with matching seamless underwear.”

‘Embrace Me’, is the first of its kind to offer a luxurious, seamless non-restrictive maternity and nursing bra with structure, whilst enabling a snug fit even during periods of increasing change in a woman’s body noted the company.

Especially designed for women in their first trimester and first few weeks post birth, Embrace Me delivers shape, comfort and designer elegance to support rapid breast development.

“Heightened hormonal activity during the first trimester and preparatory stages just prior and post birth, can create symptoms of breast tenderness and soreness. Wearing a soft, comfortable, yet supportive bra is vital to your breast health’ says Tracey Montford, Founder and Designer at Cake Lingerie. “‘Embrace Me’ is mastered to support the breast in an ideal position, with its innovative ‘T’ back design (pictured below) and perfectly angled straps providing for structure and lift,” she says.

“Intelligently placed bra panels allow for growth without compromising shape and as is ideal for new mothers experiencing rapid change. Modern and Stylish ‘Embrace Me’ incorporates a 100% cotton breathable sling with in-seams to prevent irritation.

“Importantly, both bra and brief come in 4 accommodating sizes – S, M, L and XL, making the fitting experience less daunting to an expectant or breast-feeding woman, who can easily identify her size via the quick fitting guide on the packaging,” Montford said.

Available in 3 exciting colour-ways, Cake Lingerie now delivers the entire suite of Maternity and Nursing Bras, to suit every stage, mood and functional requirement of women during and post their pregnancies. Embrace Me comes in an attractive boxed and ribbon packaging to ensure a true feminine experience.

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