Cake Lingerie Real Mums, Real Fit Campaign

Cake Lingerie’s worldwide campaign, “Real Mums, Real Fit” has been a huge success announced the company and has now been extended to Australia, UK and Finland. With women from several other countries eager to participate, Cake Lingerie captures the true beauty of Motherhood.

Cake Lingerie launched its global ‘Real Mums, Real Fit’ campaign in March 2010. The campaign
captures the true beauty of Motherhood and how all women can feel sensual and gorgeous yet
comfortable and supported in Cake Lingerie, whilst pregnant & breast-feeding. The campaign
went in search for ‘Real Mothers’ wanting join Cake Lingerie and celebrate their newfound
curves in a ‘real’ and empowering campaign.

The essence of the campaign was simple ‘real’ women that were pregnant or nursing, no models, and no Photoshop to be used on the body.

Tracey Montford, the founder of Cake Lingerie, encouraged women around the world to enter. She says, “At Cake we design Maternity & Nursing Lingerie for real mums. Pregnant & breast-feeding women are beautiful and it’s important they look and feel the same. The challenges this period & time can throw up can be daunting, so we purposely chose to use real women with real life challenges. We are constantly bombarded with unrealistic body images, creating a pressure that just isn’t fair. Women should be celebrated and applauded.”

The campaign has witnessed an overwhelming response – from the media support, to the
women wanting to be apart of the Cake Lingerie’s campaign from countries like Australia, New
Zealand, UK and Finland where the ‘Search For Real Mums’ competitions have been held.
Terhi, mother of two; 2 year old and 4 month old daughters, and one of the winners of The
Search For Real Finland Mums says that she entered the competition to show the world the true
beauty of being a ‘real’ mum.

The campaign utilises garments from Cake’s latest– ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ collection, where the
styling and fit is simply stunning!

For more information, please contact Iris Honrade, Marketing Coordinator, at or on +61 2 9899 4982.

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