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Clare Bare Lingerie Blacklight Collection Video

Clare Bare Lingerie Blacklight collection

Our lingerie Designer Showcase is coming up next month and we wanted to preview Clare Herron’s Black Light collection for all our readers. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly lingerie collection for your store that is unique and well-crafted, consider meeting Clare in person next month at our showcase. She has put together an incredible collection that is striking... Read More

What is Sexy? Trends for 2011

What is Sexy? 2011 Lingerie Trend Forecast

by Ellen Lewis What is Sexy in today’s world? In my opinion, Sexy is the ability to provoke desire without demanding it. Apple products are sexy. Television’s Mad Men is sexy. Cate Blanchett is sexy. “What makes lingerie such a vital part of a woman’s wardrobe is its ability to satisfy and stimulate the wearer as well as the observer.” I believe that lingerie... Read More

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