Promostyl’s Trend Corner: Summer 2015

PromoStyl Lingerie 2015 Essences

by Maria Teresa Sampedro 
Promostyl In just a few decades, we have become multiple, shape-shifting entities, owning different IDENTITIES which are constantly changing and will probably “outlive” us! We no longer have one face, but many faces and different identities that we wear like so many masks, depending on the time and place. IDENTITIES Click image above for a larger... Read More

Promostyl’s Trend Corner: Fall 2014 Preview


by Maria Teresa Sampedro Promostyl CREATIVE ORDER After the consequences of the recession, we are finally seeing the premises of a new world under construction. We try to compose with our changing environment, increasingly accepting to not be in control of all the parameters. We therefore leave room for the unexpected, serendipity and creative accidents perchance. We dabble between... Read More

Promostyl’s Trend Corner: Spring 2014 Preview


by Maria Teresa Sampedro 
Promostyl This season, each theme has a resonance with the others, and when opposites attract, we hear a vibrant ECHO. The Occident and Orient, past and future, collectivity and individuality, riches and scarcity, tradition and innovation are all the opposites that make up our four themes, TREASURE, LESS, MANIFESTO, and MODESTY. We now invite you to... Read More

Promostyl’s Trend Corner: Fall 2013 Trend Preview


by Maria Teresa Sampedro 
Promostyl Each season Promostyl looks into one key word for inspiration, that key word eventually breaks down into four key themes that narrate it’s trend concepts. This season the key word is TEMPORALITIES. Today we are torn between two extremes, divided between performance and compulsive renewal on one hand, and the urgent need to slow down the frenetic... Read More

Introducing Promostyl’s Trend Corner


“As trend forecasters we are always observing and interpreting cultural currents and emerging lifestyles worldwide to keep our clients a step ahead of consumer demands.” 2013 promises to be a very exciting year for all of us in the intimate apparel industry. Here at the Lingerie Journal, we’ve been working hard at bringing our readers the latest developments in... Read More

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