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The Lingerie Journal Goes Print

The Lingerie Journal in Print

Cover concept for the Lingerie Journal's upcoming print version. Photo by Sylvia Krzysztofek of Yes, it’s true! In 2012, we’re offering a print version of the Lingerie Journal to our readers! For over a year, we’ve received requests from buyers for a print version of the Lingerie Journal so we’ve been feverishly working behind the... Read More

Publisher’s Statement: Lingerie Designer Showcase Review

Clare Bare Lingerie at the Designer Showcase

Creating the Lingerie Designer Showcase will stand, in my opinion, as one of best things we could have done for the lingerie industry. Our goal was to create an intimate environment for lingerie designers to meet with buyers, show off their creations, develop a relationship and do business. We also wanted to help build the reputations of these designers and brands by showcasing... Read More

Lingerie Journal One of Top 3 Lingerie Sites

The Lingerie Journal Wikio Ranking is number 3 most popular lingerie site

We just learned that the Lingerie Journal is ranked number 3 most popular Lingerie Sites/Blogs in the USA according to independent internet search company Wikio. Definitely great news and keeps us fired up to bring our readers the best lingerie stories out there. Thanks for reading AND watching! The full list of Lingerie Sites/Blogs is available on Wikio now:  Read More

New Lingerie Trade Show Launches this Summer in New York City

The logo for the Lingerie Journal's Designer Showcase, a new lingerie trade show for independent designers and start up lingerie brands

Leading intimate apparel news source The Lingerie Journal is launching a new lingerie trade show in New York City this summer. The first edition of Lingerie Journal’s Designer Showcase premieres from July 30th to Aug 2nd at the AKA Hotel in New York City. The Showcase is geared towards promoting independent lingerie designers and smaller lingerie brands looking to present... Read More

Do we need Lingerie Trade Shows?

An infographic with text that reads: Do we need Trade Shows

We interviewed over a hundred retailers and asked them: Do we need trade shows? The answer is - Yes. Why? Because we work in the Intimate Apparel Industry. Keyword…Intimate. Buyers come to the shows to meet the people behind the brands, to get to know them and, most importantly, to see and FEEL the product. Susan McMahon of Donna Bella Lingerie put it best, “…if... Read More

A Message to Lingerie Retailers


Shanee Charles and Sheliah Melfah at CURVENY. I met them both a year before they started their store, Fab{you}lous Fit. They are now open and thriving! I believe lingerie retailers are incredibly creative and resourceful. Lingerie Retailers are also artists, and, in my opinion, just as talented as the designers that create the garments they sell. More often than not, they take a... Read More

Welcome to the Lingerie Journal!

image of Luis Paredes, Publisher of the Lingerie Journal with Courtney Prince of Journelle

Luis Paredes, publisher of the Lingerie Journal learning how to wrap up a bra at Journelle with Courtney Prince. Photo by Elizabeth Massa “I work in the Intimate Apparel Industry!” How good does that feel every time you say it? It truly is a dream come true to work behind the counter at your own store, behind the code at your online portal or meet with customers as a Home Party... Read More

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