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Interview with Lesley Niezynski – Founder and Designer of Lilly Wiggler Couture

Satin and feminine florals with vintage shapes makes for the perfect lingerie combination

Lilly Wiggler’s retro-inspired hand-made range is far from ordinary by Cheryl Warner, I recently took the plunge and ordered from new lingerie brand Lilly Wiggler. With the fit of both bra sets I bought being a bit off at first sight, I was blown away by the level of customer service that I received from Lesley who adjusted, remade, re-stitched and... Read More

What role do bloggers play in the intimate apparel industry? Part 2 of 4


by Cheryl Warner, ‘Is blogging a vital aspect of social media and can it really benefit a lingerie retailer?’ You’ve read how Facebook, Twitter and original online content can benefit your business, but how does blogging fit into all of this? As a passionate blogger and social media geek myself (as well as an avid blog reader!) I’m fascinated... Read More

What role do bloggers play in the intimate apparel industry?


by Cheryl Warner, My blog has been live for exactly a year today (18th October 2011) and this has got me thinking about what role blogs really play in the intimate apparel industry today? To get an insight, I spoke to various bloggers, retailers and manufacturers to see if there really is a communication gap between lingerie bloggers and companies,... Read More

UK Lingerie Awards Recap and Winners


by Cheryl Warner, Lingerie Insight, the UK-based magazine and web site for the British lingerie, nightwear and swimwear community’ hosted the UK Lingerie Awards last week in a swanky London hotel One Mayfair. The awards show - dubbed ‘The Oscars of the British lingerie industry’ was located just around the corner from Selfridges and Bond... Read More

Insight into the Rise of Male Intimate Apparel

Cheryl Warner Insight into Mens Underwear

by Cheryl Warner, “Women wear lingerie - men simply put on underwear” - Eugenie Lemoine-Luccioni Is this statement true in the 21st century? Or is male underwear still a beacon of pure practicality and substance over style? I may be speaking as a British citizen here, but I’d have to agree with this statement. Take Harrods... Read More

Freya Lingerie and Social Media

Cheryl Warner's article on how Freya Lingerie uses Social Media

by Cheryl Warner, Freya lingerie, the ‘younger sister’ brand of Eveden Limited have recently expanded their reach into the world of social media. With their customer base and the effectiveness of different advertising and marketing in constant flux, the introduction of the company’s Twitter (@freyalingerie) and the Facebook fan page and the brilliant... Read More

A Look at Curvy Kate with Cheryl Warner

An infographic with the text: Curvy Kate feature by Cheryl Warner

by Cheryl Warner, It’s hard to remember that British lingerie brand Curvy Kate are still only in their third year of business. The brand was created to cater for the bigger bust, selling and stocking all sizes from a 28-38 DD (now D as of A/W 2011) up to a K cup. The focus of the brand is on fit and non-exclusivity of sizes – all styles are available... Read More

Customer Pressure Groups Arrive Giving Lingerie Customers A Voice

A photo of Cheryl Warner and the text Cheryl Warner a look at Customer Pressure Groups and Campaigns

by Cherly Warner, There is an increasing customer awareness and demand for great fitting underwear. Customers are unwilling compromise on how they spend their money and with the rise of social media, the time of the customer pressure group and campaign has arrived. Today I speak to a woman on a mission: Catherine Goddard from ‘Small Bust Big Heart’... Read More

Introducing Cheryl Warner

An image of blogger, Cheryl Warner

Hello, I’m Cheryl Warner and I’m delighted to be writing for The Lingerie Journal. I am an amateur but passionate blogger from the UK writing primarily to raise awareness for young women about the need for good fitting, healthy body image and a more knowledge-based approach to their under crackers. As a researched and practiced fitter of lingerie, I began fitting friends and... Read More

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