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What is Sexy? Trends for 2011

What is Sexy? 2011 Lingerie Trend Forecast

by Ellen Lewis What is Sexy in today’s world? In my opinion, Sexy is the ability to provoke desire without demanding it. Apple products are sexy. Television’s Mad Men is sexy. Cate Blanchett is sexy. “What makes lingerie such a vital part of a woman’s wardrobe is its ability to satisfy and stimulate the wearer as well as the observer.” I believe that lingerie... Read More

Retail Seduction


by Ellen Lewis The most important part of a retailer’s job is to seduce the customer.  Everything that a merchant does should be a performance staged as a response to the customer’s needs.  I am sure that you have heard the industry-old expression that the customer is always right.    Every step of building a profitable business is based on this premise.  But before you,... Read More

Retail Enlightenment


by Ellen Lewis I have been involved in the retail business in some capacity for the past 35 years. Manager, Buyer, Merchandise Manager and even Product Developer, It does not matter; the same skill sets are required. To realize a profit, you must focus on the numbers. The numbers reveal the entire profile and health of a business. I am often called by specialty retailers to come... Read More

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