CCBill Spotlight

CCBill Spotlight with Gary Jackson

“We have found that a merchant adding CCBill to its website was like a stamp of credibility for the business. Consumers trust the CCBill name.”

Retailers, Designers and Brands looking to sell their products online are often faced with the daunting question of how to accept payments online. Luckily, CCBill’s Gary Jackson, managing VP of Sales and Internet markets sits down with us to explain how a company like CCBill can help answer this question:

Q&A with Gary Jackson, CCBill Managing VP of Sales and Internet Markets

Gary, I was hoping you could give us an overview of CCBill and the types of services both lingerie retailers and brands would find fit their business?

CCBill is an e-commerce platform that has been providing its solutions to thousands of merchants worldwide since 1998. With such a long history and vast amounts of experience, our solutions have developed over the years to keep pace with market changes, Internet security changes, and consumer changes. People don’t buy online now like they did even three years ago. It’s a new game and rather than put the burden to keep track of all those changes on merchants or business owners, we take it on for them so they can keep doing what they do best, knowing the online transactions will be handled. Unlike some of the more common payment processing solutions people hear about, CCBill offers literally hundreds of features to help merchants sell their goods and services online to a variety of different consumer markets. As an example, one of our features can let merchants know anytime a sale is made or a consumer buys an add-on item. Another feature intuitively walks merchants through the process of making a payment form much the same way a new smart phone walks people through setup.

NK iMODE website

Above: the NK iMODE website.

One of the things your company emphasizes is that it provides expert support and empowerment to expanding relationships. Could you expand and elaborate on what that means?

This really refers to a couple of things. First off is our belief that the world revolves around the buyer. And to that end, we have built a robust support system of online tools, automated billing support, as well as 24/7 billing support experts to make sure that every consumer is happy. We promote strong retention strategies to keep that buyer coming back for more. We have worked hard to earn and maintain our BBB rating of A+, by making sure that the consumer’s data is secure, private and accurate. And it’s all included at no extra charge. Most businesses need to employ additional support resources and the time to support the buyer – or they have to pay per instance on traditional merchant accounts for customer service for their buyers. With CCBill, we provide this service at no extra charge as a standard.

This background of trust for the buyer opens up marketing and sales opportunities across the base of CCBill consumers and their merchants. Since we already process payments for thousands of merchants, any business that joins our family can leverage a couple of different tools to engage in partnerships with other CCBill merchants. We offer what is essentially a traffic network called Merchant Connect, which allows businesses to either join and gather traffic from other merchants or find other businesses in the network which can expand their own product/service offerings. And in additional to that, we include industry leading affiliate software, integrated into our processing system to automate and track referred sales and the payouts to those affiliates. There is a lot in our system.

VienneMilano Home Page

Above: the VienneMilano Home Page.

“Taking payments online with CCBill can be as complex or as simple as the merchant desires.”

More and more retailers are starting an online business first, rather than going brick-and-mortar. One of their biggest concerns is how to take payments online. How can CCBill work with them to get started? Do you work with their web developers?

Yes. CCBill has a dedicated team of project managers to work with outside developers on integration in our broad processing options. Taking payments online with CCBill can be as complex or as simple as the merchant desires – from quick start payment forms to link directly from the website – to complete APIs for some serious automated functions – all the way to partnering with a variety of shopping cart options including OpenCart and Magento or CMS options, such as WooCommerce for WordPress. They can all be resourced in our Integration Partners listings.

g boutique Chicago

Above: g boutique in Chicago.

What about existing brick-and-mortar retailers that are already taking credit card payments in store or on their websites, what does CCBill offer in terms of products, services that they should consider – especially if they want to switch?

If they’re physically taking payments in their stores, that is not really anything we do. However, if they are taking payments online, the difference is in the new world of online is that it is not the same old-commerce anymore. The buyer is looking for support, automation, and self-service – and more importantly, they are looking for more to buy. With a platform like CCBill, we include a large menu of standard services, all designed to maximize trust, advance more sales and automate the business. For example, our COMPLETE package includes dozens of different global consumer payment methods, along with languages and currencies to instantly reach the international audience. A CCBill merchant has access to the most extensive online subscription system around, an automated receipt and notification system, an integrated affiliate system, advanced fraud screening and protection services, 24/7 merchant and consumer support, and tools to automate up-sales and cross sales to other partners.

If retailers are happy with their current service, then CCBill provides access to a base of thousands of merchants to offer their products to or offer other merchant’s products to their offering with a one-click. All without changing their current processing services. CCBill opens up a world of expansion and diversification for the retailer – all in one system.

screen shot of Fresh Pair's Creme Bralee offerings

Above: Fresh Pair’s Creme Bralee offerings.

We’ve also noticed a lot of new brands and independent designers starting their brands and going the direct to consumer route. They want to sell directly to consumers. How can CCBill set them up?

That’s really what CCBill can help them do. We won’t market for them, but the CCBill name is widely recognized by online consumers to be a trusted and reliable company. We have found that a merchant adding CCBill to its website was like a stamp of credibility for the business. Consumers trust the CCBill name. Additionally, with the built-in affiliate system and our Merchant Connect network, businesses can get in front of consumers they may never have even thought about.

From a different angle, the retailer requires a smooth and smart checkout process with the ability to provide options, upsells and intelligent notifications for the buyer to, well, buy more. The combination of trust with automation and options is what the new consumer is seeking.

Queen Anne’s Lace eBoutique

Above: Queen Anne’s Lace.

A lot of new retailers might think of going with mobile card readers by Square for example. What would you say to them about what CCBill has to offer in this area?

Square is doing some nice things to be sure. But one thing retailers should be aware of before making a decision on how to take payments is how much responsibility they want within the online payments arena. For example, if they are comfortable providing 24/7 consumer support themselves, something like Square might make sense. Something else to keep in mind is where the consumers they want to reach are located. With the globalization the Internet has brought, consumers are demanding the ability to initiate transactions using their native currencies and payment methods, and they want to see the payment form in their own language. Of course, CCBill has built its payments system on options to reach a global and local market with the same effort. One other thing to consider is the ability for retailers to partner with other retailers and easily offer one another’s products or digital goods to consumers through a one-click purchase experience. So, if a lingerie retailer wants to partner with a provider of digital goods to sell an online subscription or something, they can do that with CCBill.

Overseas brands and retailers are eager to enter the US Lingerie Market, how can CCBill help them start?

As a provider of payment processing since 1998 based in Arizona, we have extensive experience in what we call the United States of Consumers. U.S. consumers can be a mix of intelligent, tough and fickle, which requires an equal approach to satisfying their needs. With credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid cards, and gift cards in everyone’s pocket, knowing how to maneuver the complex world of credit card acceptance and regulations requires knowledge about the U.S. financial world. Partnering with a U.S. expert which promotes a seal of trust in consumer data privacy and security allows an easy layering of billing options which are recognized by American consumers. CCBill has advanced consumer and merchant support teams native to the U.S., fraud control systems that promote throughput of valid transactions while mitigating the opposite, and very strong relationships with the U.S. banking system and credit issuing institutions.

Obviously, security and identity theft are huge issues for everyone. How does CCBill keep their clients and their clients’ customers safe?

The intelligent fraud systems of CCBill employ of variety of criteria to responsibly scrub transactions and card holder data and check them against our database. The process is extremely comprehensive without being time consuming, so good and valid transactions can be pushed through. Honestly, there is a lot more to CCBill fraud systems than is being mentioned here. Without getting too technical, our fraud protection includes more than 100 different checks on all transactions before the banks or credit card companies ever see them. Plus, we have highly trained fraud specialists on staff constantly tracking potential risks to merchants and consumers, and working to prevent issues before they occur. Regarding keeping consumers safe, in addition to what is stated above, CCBill maintains compliance with a number of different independent audits, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Part of the mission of the PCI Security Standards Council is to ensure organizations that handle cardholder data do so safely, to protect consumers.

Learn More about CCBill

For our readers that want to learn more about CCBill where and who should we point them to?

A good way to learn more about CCBill is to contact us at Readers are also welcome to check out our website at or give us a call at 855-4-CCBILL.

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