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CÉLESTE is unique in the boudoir marketplace in that every nightgown, slip and camisole is supportive to the bust.” – Signe Poulsen, CÉLESTE.

Earlier this week, we featured new brands making their debut at CURVENY (February 21, 22, & 23, 2016). One of those, was the lovely CÉLESTE (booth #147)! The brand is infused with a romantic and feminine spirit, CÉLESTE combines the enchanting glamour of the classic goddesses of the silver screen with the practical needs of the modern woman.

Celeste Collection STELLAR GOWN

“In our core collection we offer sleepwear that is made from high-quality, European stretch fabrics. The pieces are flattering, comfortable, easily cared for, and supportive to the bust, while maintaining a delicate, vintage and feminine appearance.” says the brand’s founder and designer, Signe Poulsen.


“With CÉLESTE there is no compromise, just gorgeousness! Nighttime is about to get a lot more romantic!”

The brand is also showcasing its Stellar collection described as luxurious and opulent, with billowing skirts of silk chiffon, delicate feathers, and hand-embellished constellations of glittering crystals.


“This season the 1970’s Art Deco revival and hip and glamorous Biba were our inspiration. Gleaming satins, flowing skirts, and handsome smoking jackets in classic vintage shades of peachy pink, ivory and black recreate the mood of a extravagant era.” said Signe.

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