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C’est La Nuit Elegant Lace Robe and Satin Chocker set in black 2

Above: C’est La Nuit Elegant Lace Robe and Satin Chocker set in black.

“C’est La Nuit was created to give every woman the opportunity to feel sexy no matter her size.” – Ebbin Sanabria.

A New York brand with a French moniker has been deemed as “revolutionary” as it seeks to include women of all shapes and sizes in its offerings. C’est La Nuit, founded by brand CEO Ebbin Sanabria, recently launched with gorgeous new bra sets and lingerie in standard and plus sizes, and even a complementary lipstick line with universal colors to flatter any woman, letting her complete a bold, sexy muse.

C’est La Nuit Red Teddy Double

Above: C’est La Nuit Red Teddy.

The brand’s assortment of lingerie, which includes teddies, robes, chemises and baby dolls are created using lace and satin and finished with feminine touches of embroidery and bows. Bras range from size A to E cup with band sizing of 32 to 40, with accompanying garments in dress sizes XS to XXXL.

C’est La Nuit Lace Robe and Satin Chocker set in black

Above: Lace Robe and Satin Chocker set in black.

“It’s a brand for every woman,” declares Ebbin of her inclusive label. “C’est La Nuit was created to give every woman the opportunity to feel sexy no matter her size.”
Making all women feel encompassed in a brand image is something that Ebbin has been passionate about for a long time as one of her major concerns has been where brands have not extended their reach to the wider market but have kept products to a seemingly exclusive group.

“I have worked within retail for over a decade and one of the biggest issues is inclusion. Consumers feel excluded with certain brands. And it isn’t that the brand cannot afford to include them. Brands choose not to. You can see this is in cosmetics. Brands who had large followings and a larger portion of the market share refused to include all women.”

C’est La Nuit Seductive Lace Chemise set in black

Above: Seductive Lace Chemise set in black.

Now that “inclusion” has become a hot fashion trend, C’est La Nuit intends, according to Ebbin, “to give customers exactly what they want without all of the gimmicks.”

One of C’est La Nuit’s biggest selling points, apart from ensuring that garments are suited to all body types, is the move away from using regimented standardized sizing so that women of differing body proportions are still able to get the optimum fit in their lingerie and wear it with boldness. She utilizes a concept called “mixed bra sizing” and believes that this is an essential aspect that many brands have overlooked.

C’est La Nuit Lipstick

Above: C’est La Nuit Lipstick.

“When it comes to lingerie, most brands standardize the cup. That does not work for every woman,” she says. “With C’est La Nuit, if you are a size Large we’ve utilized the standard C cup that most brands do, but we’ve added a DD cup. For size Small you can get it in A cup or the standard C cup. Hopefully this provides the customer with more comfort when wearing these pieces.”

What also makes C’est La Nuit an attractive choice, undoubtedly, is that it offers these enticing products at a noticeably relatively low price point, with prices starting from just under $20 for bras. Again, this is a feature of the brand that founder Ebbin wanted to stand out. Her secret has been to keep marketing costs low and negotiate best price with vendors in order that unnecessary expenses are not passed along to her customer.

C’est La Nuit Seductive Cut Out Lace Teddy

Above: Seductive Cut Out Lace Teddy.

Despite her commitment to keeping her products affordable, Ebbin is very much aware of the industry and market perception that low cost equals low quality. Luckily, her insider knowledge of production has reduced any worries over her C’est La Nuit’s performance.

“When [we] work with a group of people to design, create and produce a product, we aim for the best quality. And because there are so many to choose from, the cost of good quality material is low,” she assures. “Knowing my initiative and knowing the success that could come from it, we are able to keep our prices low and we will continue to do so because it’s about getting the customer what she wants and making her feel good about it.”

Learn more about C’est La Nuit

Contact: Ebbin Sanabria
Email: info@cestlanuit.us
Phone: (646) 389-8824

Website: https://cestlanuit.us/

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