Chanty Lace 2020 Beachwear Collection

Chanty Lace 2020 Beachwear

Chanty, renowned in the lingerie-corsetry market for technical, innovative lace collections, is now making waves with its first-ever beachwear line. The theme for the Chanty 2020 Beachwear collection is Lace and Beach.

“Like all Chanty products, this creative, daring range uses the best quality yarns,” said the company’s Laura Weigand. “Explore the collection and discover great surprises like cotton laces. You’ll also appreciate its polished style, patterns and very summery look.”

The news doesn’t stop there. Chanty rolls out three new themes for lingerie – Re-Imagined, Interactive and Geo-Spirit.

With these the company says it’s confident that it is ready to satisfy every woman’s desire for dreams, pleasure and sweetness. The laces feature soft, fresh palettes and give the wearer superior comfort, freedom of movement and support. True to its environmentally friendly philosophy, Chanty is committed to using Asahi Kasei’s Roica elastane fibre.

Chanty Lace 2020 Beachwear Collection

Chanty Lace 2020 Beachwear

Lace and Beach

With a blaze of bold, new, visually thrilling laces in high-energy colours, the Lace and Beach collection is ready for summer soirées, beach parties and evening cocktails by the pool.

These sophisticated, lustrous laces are perfect for adding decorative touches and finishings to beach dresses, pareos, fluid, lightweight pants, shorts and cocktail dresses. Details add depth and vitality to the summertime look inspired by the sea and underwater world. And finishing touches translate aquatic inspiration into fine and delicate fringes, undulating wave-like motifs, skillfully designed flowers and matte and shiny effects.

Chanty Lace 2020 Beachwear

The dazzling palette includes coral pink, turquoise blue, and intense orange. Chanty’s Lace and Beach collection’s exceptional recovery properties brings new design possibilities to beachwear and all summer apparel that demands fine details, elegance and femininity.

Lingerie Chanty Themes


Chanty Re-Imagined
The Re-Imagined line expresses the genuine qualities of the young Provencal women in Marcel Pagnol’s novels. From the Luberon mountains to the Sainte-Victoire foothills, their lives flow simply and peacefully.

Imagine these young women during a beautiful June afternoon. Romantic and joyful, they scamper across the fields and olive trees groves. They skip and dance through thyme and lavender plants, making their sweet summer dresses in small Vichy checks or flowered prints twirl.

Chanty Re-Imagined

The enchanting lavender fields roll into the horizon as far as the eye can see and bathe the Provencal region in soft, purplish, grey-blue light. The cicada’s song is an invitation to take a break and savour the sun-drenched countryside in Southern France.

The message: A contemporary theme using colours from the South of France. The freshest of inspirations. Comfortable laces in the soft Provencal shades of lavender, olive, and grey-blue.


Chanty Lace Interactive
The future, hyper-connected world belongs to these modern women. In this new technological dimension, illusion becomes reality, and virtual perception is overlaid on the real world. These women make this sometimes-surrealistic universe their playground.

Chanty Lace Interactive

Upbeat and athletic, they’re drawn to the kinetic energy and optical illusions of Op Artists like Josef Albers and Vasarely, now reinterpreted in acid green, orange, and blue. The Interactive collection introduces new geometrics softened to create subtle 3D effects. Psychedelic patterns take on a daring new dynamic in high-stretch laces.

The message: A high energy, very modern theme. Sublimely designed motifs present a new, refreshing version of optical illusions. Shapewear laces mould the body and slim the figure.


Chanty Lace Geo Spirit
The rich, generous natural world offers an opulent environment where modern architecture is in perfect symbiosis. These new urban spaces are supportive settings for young women who want comfort and authenticity.

The organic motifs – branches, leaves, wildflowers, moss and lichen – combine with small geometrics. Two neutrals, dune and pewter, are brightened with titian and used in bicolour designs and allovers. Geo-Spirit laces put cottons and organic cottons in the spotlight.

Chanty Lace Geo Spirit

The message: A very natural theme. Skilful use of two colours adds texture. Tops and bra tops, lightweight panties, and little tank tops with narrow straps.

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