Charlotte Bra Nude Colorway

Charlotte Bra Nude Colorway

Parfait dares to go nude with its newest color-way for their bestselling Charlotte bra. A customer favorite, lingerie brand, Parfait, releases this well-loved style every season in a new color for its cult following. Head of Marketing, Kristoffer John Cardona, sat down with The Lingerie Journal and gave us some insight into this iconic bra style.

It should be no shock that the lady-like Charlotte design was inspired by the beautiful feminine styles of the past. During the creation process, the Parfait design team was heavily inspired by retro lingerie and the technical advances of today. By combing a vintage look with today’s enhanced fabrics and technology, Parfait unlocked a perfect lingerie combination. Cardona explains, “Charlotte is proof that some trends never go out of style”!

So, what makes Charlotte such a must-have for lingerie shoppers?

Charlotte Bra Nude Colorway
Photos of the Parfait Charlotte Bra in this story by Jason Kamimura Photography.

It’s not just its beloved retro appeal, it’s also for its fantastic fit and size range. Masterfully engineered, Charlotte’s extra support comes from the woven satin material that gives a little stretch yet is strong enough to hold the weight of the breast. Kristoffer John Cardona further explains, “…the vertical binding also helps with support while adding design interest. The inner firm foam is another layer that offers support. Our other bras have a softer thinner foam, but it also stretches more with the weight of the breast. Because this foam is thicker, it has less stretch than other foam and is able to provide strong support for D-K cup sizes”!

Charlotte has an impressive size run that works for almost any retailer! The Charlotte Padded Bra is available in most colors in sizes 34-44C, 30-44D-G. This fabulous style is also available with a matching bikini or high waist brief in sizes XS – 4XL in select colors.

Parfait Charlotte Padded Bra and High waist Brief True Nude

Parfait is not a brand to just rest on one’s laurels; they are constantly working to perfect their intimates! Their Head of Marketing explains, “Parfait is constantly changing the fit of their bras because there are always new discoveries in the design world as well as trying to improve its fit even better. It’s important that Parfait supports every body type, so applying these new discoveries help women feel more comfortable and confident. Charlotte had a successful update for Spring/Summer 2016 – her first pattern ‘Floral Shimmer’ was released, and she underwent a size expansion to cater to more women”.

So how does Parfait decide what colors to release the Charlotte in? By customer demand, of course! That bra is so popular that the brand weighs the suggestions they receive via fan mail and the constant feedback from its beloved retailers. Retailers and shoppers alike both desired the Charlotte bra in the neutrals so Parfait listened! Charlotte in black is available this August and True Nude will be available in 2018. Looking to add a little color to your collection in addition to these bold basic shades? The Charlotte is currently available in Red, Dusty Rose, Bronze, Floral Shimmer, and Woodrose!

Charlotte Bra Nude Colorway

Considering bring Charlotte to your lingerie shop? Great choice! Charlotte is one of Parfait’s signature bras. Parfait’s Head of Marketing explains that Parfait, “…has expanded Charlotte’s size range over the years, so boutiques can recommend the collection to all body types. Sometimes women want a basic bra with a little flair and that’s where Charlotte comes in! And now with its black and true nude color options coming in, it can serve an even wider range of consumers”.

Widely imitated but never surpassed, the Charlotte bra combines fit and fashion and works for an amazing range of body types. The Charlotte perfectly encapsulates Parfait’s mission and passion to serve its customers. Kristoffer John Cardona explains, “at the end of the day, we are here to serve our consumer with a product they want and love. Combined with strong partnerships with our retail partners, we are able to fulfill our vision to bring quality, comfortable and creatively designed products, with the help of a product like Charlotte”.

For more information about the Charlotte and other styles from Parfait, please visit their website or email their Sales team. The Charlotte will be available in ‘true nude’ in April 2018.

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