Cherie Amie: Changing the World with Lingerie

Cherie Amie

“When Tara Smith buys lingerie, she thinks of women in West Africa—and she wants intimate apparel enthusiasts everywhere to feel the same way.”

When 26-year-old co founder of online lingerie boutique Cherie Amie returned from her travels with the Peace Corps she felt the need to start a lingerie line based on fair trade principles and the Good Returns business model.

“After spending two years in Cameroon, I couldn’t stop thinking about every purchase I made or how every dime I spent could help someone in poverty, especially women,” she says. “For me personally, lingerie took a backseat. I want women everywhere to buy lingerie knowing that their purchase will change the lives of other women.”

With the launch of her video campaign, a 37 second video teaser of her line, Tara Smith hopes to peek the interest of philanthropists and lingerie addicts everywhere. Her goal: raise $15,000 by Friday, August 31st to start a lingerie company that truly gives back.

Contributors will receive rewards ranging from their choice of intimate apparel to the opportunity to appear as a Fair Lady in the official marketing campaign for Cherie Amie.

The company plans to channel their profits into three sustainable methods of empowering women.

First: The company wants to help women start businesses. Cherie Amie will contribute 100% of their end-of-year profits to qualifying non-profits that make interest-free micro-loans to women in poverty around the world. Borrowers can start businesses, invest in livestock, and pay for continuing education.

Second: Cherie Amie will take care of its artisans. All of the lingerie produced by the company is made by local artisans in Cameroon, West Africa. As a fair-trade company, Cherie Amie will provide fair wages and working conditions to all its workers. Stemming from this concept the company has derived its tagline: Be Sexy. Buy Fair.

Third: The company will contribute 10% of its net income to Peace Tree Africa, which finances sustainable development projects across Africa.

If the company succeeds in raising the $15,000 in funds by August 31st, Smith’s intimate apparel line will be available for purchase online before the holiday season and Cherie Amie will officially become the first fair-trade lingerie company to adopt the Good Returns business model. A model founded by Salah Boukadoum, co-owner of Soap Hope, that invites businesses of all sizes and industries to send their end-of-year profits to qualifying micro-lending nonprofit organizations that provide women with micro-loans and financial literacy training. The profits return to businesses after spending one year in service.

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