Cocolicious Lingerie Launches

Cocolicious Lingerie

Cocolicious Lingerie will be at the International Lingerie Show and Coco herself will be at the René Rofé booth at ILS on Monday, March 30, 2015.

Coco Austin’s Cocolicious Lingerie recently launched and the new brand is making its way to the International Lingerie Show this weekend. Coco partnered with René Rofé Lingerie to produce the 22 style collection and the brand’s Creative Director, Wilson Kello gives us the scoop on how Cocolicious started.

Cocolicious Lingerie

We’d love to know how Coco Austin started the journey to create Cocolicious Lingerie, could you tell us about the development about this new exotic wear line?

Coco has a very special relationship with her fans, and she wanted to create a line of exotic wear for them, a line that reflects her own exciting and extravagant lifestyle. Her fans idolize her, and she loves them right back; Cocolicious is her little gift to show them that love.

When it came time to create the collection, Coco and her team sought to partner with a seasoned industry leader to insure that her vision could be realized, and insure that the right partnerships would be made to get the product into the market. That’s where we come in, and from our perspective, the opportunity to work with Coco and her team is one we simply couldn’t pass up.

Cocolicious Lingerie

Could you tell us a little bit about the Cocolicious Lingerie collection and the type of styles offered in the debut? How many pieces?

Our introductory offering for Cocolicious Lingerie is 22 styles. The range is comprised of fishnet string bikinis, seamless dresses, tops, skirts, and leggings with sexy slashes and cutouts, bad-ass bras, body stockings, panties, thigh-highs, and a few wild styles which defy categorization. We plan to update the line twice a year, and in fact we’re already working on some mind-blowing new pieces.

Cocolicious Lingerie  style 35001

Are there any stand-out styles you’d like to share? Does Coco have any favorites?

The whole line represents Coco’s vision, but I will say she showed special affinity for a few pieces. 35002, the “Slash & Burn Seamless Dress,” which comes in red and black, is one she really slaved over. She wanted a daring piece that covered literally only the essentials, and worked for a range of body types. We must have fit this three or four times, and I think all that work shows in this fantastic piece! She also focussed on pieces that offer versatility, like 35001 (pictured above), the “Maja Flava Seamless Body Suit,” which comes in pink, black, and white. This little bodysuit can be paired with jeans or shorts and worn out, rocked by the pool, in the bedroom, or on the red carpet—if you’re Coco.

Cocolicious Lingerie

Coco will also make a special appearance at the ILS Fashion Show.

Obviously, the collection carries her name, but how else does Coco’s personality come through in the collection? Any designs she had input in?

As I said, Coco is not just the face of her brand, she’s the creator. She designed the line, conceptually and physically, personally fitting every piece to insure the final product meets her own exacting standards.

At the photoshoot, she got candid about her concepts, dishing about working out in stilettos, tanning in see-thru lingerie, and the versatility of her new line: “You can literally wear this anywhere! This is about getting lingerie to the streets!”

Could you tell us what to expect for the launch of Cocolicious Lingerie? Any events planned for ILS and afterwards?

Cocolicious Lingerie

We’re very excited to be debuting Cocolicious at this year’s International Lingerie Show. Aside from the launch of the new line, the big news is that Coco herself with be in our booth at ILS Monday, March 30, and she’ll also be making a very special appearance at the ILS Fashion Show that Monday evening after the tradeshow.

For any of our readers that want to learn more, where should we point them to? Will there be a dedicated site for the brand/collection?

Coco and her far-reaching online marketing platforms will be the main promotional engine driving the brand. Coco has over 8 million Facebook followers, and a million followers each on Twitter and Instagram. She also has her popular blog, which she updates daily.

For wholesalers, please contact us at René Rofé Lingerie, tel: 212-213-4848, email:

Where should we point consumers to?

We’re in final negotiations to partner with a highly visible, major online retailer—we’ll make the announcement on in the coming months.

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