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One of the best things about living so close to all things lingerie here in New York City are the opportunities this city gives us to meet the creative minds behind all the news we cover. Earlier this year, Margaret Shrum and I met with Arielle Shapiro, the designer and creator of the NYC-based ARI DEIN at the historic Waldorf hotel to learn a little bit more about Arielle and her collection. This is part one of Coffee and Cookies with Ari Dein – enjoy!

Audio Transcript

Margaret: Hi, I’m Margaret Shrum with the Lingerie Journal and I’m here with the designer and creator of fine lingerie brand, ARI DEIN and we’re here at the gorgeous Waldorf Hotel.


And we’re going to have some coffee and cookies and talk about lingerie this morning.

Arielle: Just an average Thursday.

Margaret: Yeah, this is what we do all the time. Last season you recently showed all your fall winter collection here. Could you share your history with relationship with the Waldorf?

Arielle: I can. My relationship with the Waldorf is very new but my family actually was involved in the fur industry and they produced their fur line right next to where my offices are in the garment district here in New York.

And they actually had a fur store and we’re probably sitting on top of it in the lobby here on Park Avenue for over forty years. The Hotel was once in another location but reopened on Park Avenue in 1931.

It’s a really great place to begin to brand ARI DEIN as a new company more grounded in a family history and some trust-worthy craftsmanship that people could associate with another iconic brand.

Margaret: Great, it seems to really compliment the line. And I see you brought a few items.

Arielle: I brought a couple things. I’m wearing a pajama top from the latest season that will ship in July. And this is from the Boutique Hotel collection – the newest edition. It’s just a classic menswear inspired pajama top scooped very low in front and in back with a lot of our signature hand-detailing, hand appliqued georgette trims on the cuff and on the collar and there’s actually matching pants too.

[transition to Arielle pulling out a bralette]

Arielle: This is for spring. And this is a brallette. One of the first true lingerie items from Ari Dein. And it is a charmeuse brallete with grosgrain adjustable straps, double ruffles all around and what you see inside is our signature lion-face button detailing. And on the inside you can see a lot of hand work, small stitches and elastic that add to the dimension of the piece.

We were talking earlier about how these details are the sort of things that you might not see on the outside but when the wearer is aware of something special on the interior I think it just adds to the connection between the wearer and the garment. And its a whole other level of psychology that people appreciate.

[transition to Arielle pulling out a garter belt]

Arielle: This is a little garter belt and a new print for spring called “Mona Giardino Rosa” It’s inspired by my mother. It’s a really fresh, flirty not so serious palette. Very saturated. The first season was very deep and moody and dark tones and so I wanted to do something that was a little bit more upbeat and playful, fresh and youthful. That’s why I like it.

Margaret: It’s very pretty, very ingenue.


Margaret: You mentioned the lions here and I know you have a great quote on your website.

Arielle: “A lion among Ladies is a most dreadful thing.” Yes, that is from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I think its been a great tagline for the collection. For me one of the most important qualities for women is courage. Courage to do anything.

So I fit that into everything that I’ve made as a gentle reminder to stand up for yourself, get what you want out of life and be your own person and have courage.

I think that’s the perfect identity for someone in the bedroom or any other room – boardroom – anywhere.

Margaret: Yes!


If you’d like to meet Arielle in person, stop by her booth (#128) at the upcoming CURVENY show and see her latest creations. She’ll launching her new SeaLion by ARI DEIN – artisanal swimwear made in NY and her fourth season of lingerie for SS2012.

And visit her website: for details.

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    Booth #128!!!

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