Coole Solutions’ New Slip-It Fastener to Replace old Hook and Eye

The Slip-It Bra Fastener

UK-based, Coole Solutions’ Slip-It Fastener is poised to replace the 100-year-old hook and eye fasteners with its new Slip-It Bra Fastener.

The Slip-It bra fastener is designed with all the strengths of the hook and eye fasteners and none of the weaknesses. The Slip-It works by having one piece of plastic slip into another. Nothing snags on clothing and is very easy to fasten and unfasten said the company.

“…the Lingerie Industry has largely just accepted that hook and eyes are the only option…The Slip-It fastener is going to change that situation,”
– Nigel Coole, inventor of Slip-It
& CEO of Coole Solutions.

Coole noted that reception to the Slip-It has been positive from both retailers and manufacturers and that they are all eager to try them out.

“Our market research revealed overwhelming support for the Slip-it fastener,” said Coole. “In one survey of women aged 18 – 30 years: 78% said they would like to see a bra fastener that could be more easily fastened and unfastened than hook & eyes. 100% said that men found bras difficult to undo and that when courting it annoyed them.”

“Perhaps the biggest surprise of our research was how much older women welcomed a replacement for the old fashioned hook & eye. We had not realised how difficult they were, and how much more difficult they would be become, as women got older. The advent of even the slightest eyesight, dexterity, or movement problems, made putting on their underwear an ordeal. With the arrival of the Slip-it fastener that situation can be changed for the better,” added Coole.

The Industry is starting to take notice and Coole received the Invention of the Year Award in 2009 from the Wessex Round Table of Inventors in the UK and the company recently completed a major investment deal with a team of investors to help further promote and develop his product.

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