Coquette Reveals new Kissable by Coquette Collection for 2011

This past September’s International Lingerie Show saw many changes for intimate apparel distributor, Coquette International. Not only did they introduce new branding, along with a new Main Collection catalog for 2011, but will be releasing a new name and branding for their boxed collection line, Kissable by Coquette.

Kissable by Coquette, previously known as Coquette’s Signature Collection, includes all of Signature’s great products, along with some new styles, but with a new look!

“Kissable by Coquette is a fitting departure from our Signature box collection. It really marks the way for affordable, fashionable lingerie that customers can feel good about buying,” says Marcus Horea, Vice President of Coquette International.

Intimate apparel has in many ways changed over the years, from overtly sexy to a more sensual and playful industry. The packaging and branding for Coquette’s new Kissable line reflects these industry changes, offering something fun and inviting to consumers.

“We want consumers to feel comfortable purchasing lingerie, and our Kissable line achieves this,” adds Horea.

The playful new image of Coquette’s boxed line is color-coded in a simple, customer-friendly manner, not too overwhelming to cause confusion. Pink boxes signal lingerie styles, while purple boxes
indicate costumes.

Along with Coquette’s new company logo and re-branding of their boxed collection, these exciting new changes increase the quality perception of boxed styles and allow customers to feel more comfortable and confident while shopping for a playful piece of lingerie!

Kissable by Coquette will be available and replace Coquette’s Signature line in 2011.

To take a look at the new Kissable by Coquette collection, order your copy of our newly released 2011 Main Collection by emailing us at: email:, call: 1-800-668-5477, or visit us at:

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