Couture Ultimates – Seamless Ladder Proof Hosiery

Couture Hosiery

The objective to create a hosiery product guaranteed to offer a new high quality experience for both the trade and consumer sector of the world wide hosiery industry.

For 20 years Allan Falconer and the team of Nottinghamshire based Legwear International have serviced the trade and consumer hosiery industries worldwide, committed to helping their customers purchase their desired hosiery items for less. The Legwear International branded portfolio includes Silky, Cindy (the oldest brand in the UK), Joanna Gray, Vixen, Scarlet and Silky Dance.

This next exciting phase of development for the company will see their own premium branded range Couture, launch to the industry an innovative product line of hosiery set to offer an exclusive collection of tights like no other.

Since the sixties the hosiery industry has been trying to commercially create a one-piece seamless pair of tights – the first prototypes were long banana shaped tubes (hence sometimes called banana tights) with an opening in the middle for the body – the existing seamless products currently in the market are made on this principle. This technology restricts the body sizes that can be achieved and have conventional stitch structures that ladder. After extensive development work Legwear International have now created the Ultimate seamless tights.

Couture Hosiery
The Couture Ultimates collection of hosiery has been created after a significant period of technical product design and knitting development by the expert team at Legwear International. The objective to create a hosiery product guaranteed to offer a new high quality experience for both the trade and consumer sector of the world wide hosiery industry.

The range of Couture Ultimates Tights proudly ticks all of the boxes any hosiery wearer will desire, unlike any other product to date.

Couture Hosiery

Couture Ultimates Seamless Ladder Proof Hosiery Features

• Product range designed with an exclusive knitting technical difference unlike any other
• 100% Ladder Proof (not just Ladder Resistant)
• 100% Seamless (no seams, includes no body seams which can be found in current seamless product lines)
• Leg shaping and light control with body enhancing / silhouette shaping benefits
• Competitively priced cost price / RRP £10.00-£15.00
• Official Couture Ultimate’s Trade Mark
• Varied Product Range / Styles to choose from including 2x opaque’s, 7x patterns and sheers in development
• 60 and 100 Deniers available
• Available in sizes Small to Extra Large
• Portfolio of Couture products to launch to include Ultimates, Perfectly Sheer, Ultra Gloss, and Sheer Relief (Support Tights)
• Couture Ultimates to launch to consumers September 2016
• Couture Ultimates to partner with UK Tights as official online retail partner
• Couture Ultimates to be sold in selected stores and retailers worldwide

Couture Hosiery
The technical knitting process explained within the above diagram that makes Couture Ultimates Hosiery unique will be applied to each product pack.

Couture Ultimates Seamless Ladder Proof Trade Mark will be stamped on all products (trade mark pending) to ensure instant recognition to the product range.

“A seamless ladder proof conventional hosiery product has never been done before, this is extremely exciting for the hosiery industry. This development has enormous technical capabilities for hosiery, and also for the dance wear industries. The technical challenges creating this product range has been demanding with our team working for months to achieve the required technical knitting processes to create our Ultimates collection. We are now proud to launch our results worldwide” – Allan Falconer (Managing Director Legwear International / Couture Ultimates)

Couture Hosiery

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