Create a Photo-Friendly, Instagram-Worthy Valentine’s Day


Instagram has more than 300 million users who share 70 million photos and videos every day. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to create a photo series that will add some life to your Instagram account while simultaneously showing your sweetheart your creativity and thoughtfulness. Want to do something a little different this year? We’ve got fun and original ideas to turn this year’s Valentine’s Day into a photo opp you’ll never forget.

Take a Sweetheart Hike

Get outdoors and go for a winter hike with your sweetheart. Get organized in advance and leave special notes tacked onto trees, tied to bushes with red ribbon and under stones. Capture each moment and upload to Instagram with lots of candid before, during and after shots. Plan your hike close to sunset, so your finale photo features a kiss with a dazzling sun-drenched sky. Just make sure to adequately plan for your winter hike, and don’t go if a storm is brewing.

Volunteer Together

Volunteer together at an animal shelter or on a community project. If appropriate, snap photos of your time working together (and of course, any adorable kittens or dogs). Include hashtags to help your followers keep up with your Valentine’s Day journey together. Be sure to leave a caption with where you volunteered, so others can volunteer there too.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Want to do more than just give a bouquet of flowers this Valentine’s Day? Pick out a Valentine’s Day flower arrangement and a chocolate-covered treat from an online florist. Section off your bouquet in about 10 sections and ask friends and your favorite businesses to help out. Scatter at favorite restaurants, friends’ homes that hold a special place in your relationship or date spot. Stash your sweet treat in the spot you first kissed and take snapshots of your love discovering each new surprise. By the end, they’ll have a full bouquet of flowers and a decadent dessert for two.

Be Tourists in all Your Favorite Places

Your town or city holds more photo opportunities than you probably realize. Spend the day like tourists—hit a museum, see a play, ride the Ferris wheel at the local amusement park. Soon you’ll have dozens of photos that show off your town and your love. Ask your followers to rate the best kiss and photo and see what they come up with.

Check Something off Your Bucket List

Approach Valentine’s Day like a romantic adventure. Choose a mutual item on your bucket list and make your dream a reality. Or better yet, choose one item from each of your lists for a whole new adventure. Book a table at that 12-course restaurant followed by a limousine ride or hot air balloon ride.

Create a Lovestagram

Lovestagram was created by Instagram founder’s Mike Krieger’s girlfriend. Touched by his ability to launch and run a successful social media site and still have time for her, she wanted to return the favor. She developed Lovestagram as a gesture of love. The app lets you quickly put together special photos and send it to your loved one by email. Compile a collection of your favorite shots from the evening, add a special caption and send it to your love before the 15th makes Valentine’s Day a sweet memory.

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