CupCare Launches to Save the Bra

CupCare founder Avigail Perl

“[CupCare]…offers women a way to stay comfortable and dry, while having their bra lifespan last ~30% longer. It is where smart meets sexy”. – Avigail Perl, founder and CEO of CupCare.

CupCare, a feminine consumer goods company, announced the release of its thin, disposable bra liner through an Indiegogo Cupcare crowdfunding campaign.

“Women experience an array of issues when it comes to their bras! Whether it is discomfort and pain from the bra pressing against the body for many hours, or moisture collecting under the breast, women cannot wait to take their bra off at the end of a long day”, said Avigail Perl, founder and CEO of CupCare. “Bras are also expensive, delicate and easily ruined. Our new disposable bra liner is a simple solution to these problems and offers women a way to stay comfortable and dry, while having their bra lifespan last ~30% longer. It is where smart meets sexy”.

CupCare Packaging

Research has shown that the average woman owns nine bras, of which she only wears three on a regular basis, proving that finding a good, affordable and comfortable bra is extremely difficult for many women. The CupCare Bra Liner is a supplementary, disposable product that warps the inside bottom part of the bra; It protects the skin below the breast, absorbs sweat, thus providing hours of comfort and helps save the bra. Its unique design can be adjusted to fit any type of bra in order to help make a woman’s bra experience perfect.

CupCare is made of three layers of non-woven fabric: The top layer is an extremely soft fabric that remains dry on the surface, the middle layer absorbs sweat and the bottom layer protects the bra. The whole liner is less than 2 millimeters thick and is hypoallergenic.

The company is backed by angel investors, including notable investor Jeff Pulver, the renowned VoIP pioneer.

For more information about CupCare visit cupcare

About CupCare
CupCare is a feminine consumer goods company providing innovative hygienic beauty solutions for women. The founder, Avigail Perl came up with the idea of placing a disposable bra liner inside a bra when experiencing discomfort and frustration from her own bras. After going through different phases of prototypes and several rounds of beta testing, a specialized manufacturing line is in place at a state of the art facility. The CupCare liners will be available later this year.

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