CURVE Summer 2019 Developments

CURVENEWYORK Model Presentation Feb 2019 Elila purple set

Above: Elila at CURVENEWYORK.

If you love intimates, then you’ll be thrilled to know that it’s time to start thinking about your trade show schedule. For New York and Las Vegas, CURVE is gearing up for their August editions with a host of new exhibitors, events, a cash-and-carry section, and seminars. To guide us through these CURVE Summer 2019 Developments is the trade event’s CEO, Raphael Camp:

Raphael Camp CURVE CEO

What new developments can brands and buyers expect to see at CURVE in NYC and Las Vegas?

We have very exciting new developments coming to CURVENEWYORK this summer. Areas on the show floor will include a special lifestyle section where all vendors will be selling cash-and-carry, an updated trend area to serve as a product discovery tool for attendees and other fun activations!

As of now the event schedule in New York is packed with information to further assist both attendees and brands with tools for success in the intimate apparel industry. For example, CURVENEWYORK will bring a workshop on how to drive sales in your retail store and a conference about how to increase your sales thanks to a good inventory process. We are also excited to continue the discussion on Inclusivity in the Intimate Apparel industry and spin the focus towards a merchandising and marketing point of view.

Agua Bendita booth at CURVELASVEGAS

Above: Agua Bendita booth at CURVELASVEGAS.

This summer, CURVELASVEGAS will be in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center located with the other MAGIC shows. Our brands will have access to RTW buyers that are on the MAGIC show floor in addition to the typical lingerie retailer in attendance. It is beneficial for buyers since they will not have to travel between two different venues! This summer Vegas show is very strong with swim vendors. We are reinforcing our partnership with Magic and will create a whole Resort and Swim section welcoming new categories of exhibitors.

CURVENEWYORK February 2019 Recap

Above: the Parfait sponsored Inclusivity Seminar with Hurray Kimmay.

Are there any new seminar/panel discussions the CURVE team is excited to debut?

In New York, the opening keynote speaker, Lynn Switanowski of CBCG will address the topic of how to increase sales through the process of maintaining inventory at the correct levels, variety, and price point. Also, our retail partner Stole My Heart will organize a workshop on Retail Factors to Drive such as interior design, complimentary product categories and pop-up events used to create a complete consumer experience.

We are also in the process of organizing a panel speaking on Inclusivity in the Intimate Apparel Industry with a brand partner that will be announced in the coming month.

CURVENEWYORK February 2019 Recap

Any brands that have never exhibited with CURVE registered now to attend this summer?

In February 2019, 20% of the brands in attendance never exhibited at CURVE before including but not limited to – ANN CHERY, ATELIER AMOUR, CLARA ROSSI, EVELYN & BOBBIE, EWA BIEN, FLASH YOU AND ME, FLORA DANCIA, FRAULEIN KINK, GIULIA, GVIBE, HUALA SWIMWEAR, IPEK KIRAMER, LAVENDER DREAMS, LE PETIT TROU, LICKSTARTER, LISANZA, MEY, MILAKRASNA, ROUNDERBUM, SAINT HAVEN, SUSA, ULTRAVIOLET, VERDIANI, VIVIS, and VOSSEN. Half of these brands are already signed up for the August show!

Are there any events on schedule before the shows this summer?

Not this Spring, but we are working on the idea of launching a pop-up event during the Fall Market Week.

Maison Close booth at CURVENEWYORK July 2018 photo by John Brown.

Above: Maison Close booth at CURVENEWYORK July 2018 photo by John Brown.

Could you tell us a little bit about the boutiques the CURVE team has visited so far? Any plans to visit more before the summer show?

Last season, the CURVE team hit the road to visit boutiques in Connecticut, Montreal, Toronto and Washington DC. With the increased presence of brand reps on the road, we decided it was time to send the CURVE team out on the road to gain a better understanding about the boutiques that were both faithful attendees, as well as those who had developed less frequent attendance patterns.

The amazing thing about being on the road was experiencing the sense of community that is already so strong in this industry, and seeing how that played out on a localized level. As each store has its own unique identity and demographic of customers, they are able to use the vast network to provide excellent customer service and offer referrals to other boutiques to help their customers find exactly what they are looking for.

As far as additional trips, we are planning to visit a couple of cities in the Midwest and West Coast as well.

CURVE Summer 2019 Schedule

August 4 – 6, 2019
Jacob Javits Center, New York City

August 12 – 14, 2019
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

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