CurveNY: POS Displays on Display

Charles Van Der Pear Display Close up
As buyers browse through the aisles, they are making mental notes about how a brand might fit at their store or by their check-out counter. So it’s nice to see exhibitors making an effort to showcase POS displays that retailers can see in action. At the last edition of Curve, the Miel sisters had a fun and functional point of sale display called the “Miel Signature Display Box”.

At this edition of CurveNY, menswear brand Charles van der Pear showcased their collection of luxury boxer shorts in a striking wooden display. The open-faced display features the brand’s René Magritte-inspired logo centered and surrounded by cubby holes that accommodate 9, 24 or 134 boxers (depending on the display style). The sample we saw at their booth towered over their model.

Charles Van Der Pear Display

Above: the Charles Van Der Pear Display.

Karl van de Paer, founder and CEO of the brand describes men’s underwear as an untapped opportunity for lingerie retailers. He notes that 70% of his buyers are women which is why his company is targeting intimate apparel boutiques. He adds, “We offer those stores a great value proposition: a new, additional revenue stream from their existing customer base without cannibalization of any current products.”

To put this opportunity in perspective, the NPD Group, Inc. valued mens underwear at $2.194 billion in 2012.

Charles van der Pear Packaging

“I think a sales and visual merchandising strategy that fits this theme very well is to have an elegant display positioned at or near the cashier,” said Karl. “Many women might not enter a lingerie store with the intend to buy something for their significant other. However, having an attractive product displayed elegantly near the end of the women’s personal buying process might encourage them to buy something for that special man in their lives.”

Swinging back to lingerie, newcomer Knix Wear presented their debut intimates collection at CurveNY along side a sleek display unit. The brand’s line of functional panties come packed in attractive cardboard tubes that can be easily stacked and displayed on their own.

Knixwear Tube Packaging

Above: Knix Wear’s Tube Packaging.

Or retailers can opt to use the brand’s POS Display which stacks the Knixwear tubes within a clear, acrylic pocket running vertically up the display. A gloss white finish and light wood grain panel adorn the display making it very attractive. All of the brand’s technical information and a sample are built into the unit. Customers can spin the unit 360 degrees.

Knix Wear Display Unit

Above: Knix Wear’s POS Display Unit.

The Knix Wear POS Display takes up one square foot of retail space. Holding up to 48 tubes, the unit is described as a “Self-Sufficient Sales Associate” by the company’s Sales Knixpert, Caroline Acardi as all of the brand’s technical information are displayed on the unit.

Flint and Tinder

Above: Menswear brand, Flint and Tinder, generated over $290,000 for their brand in 30 days via crowd funding.

Knix Wear is also part of the growing trend of successful intimate apparel crowd-funded start ups. Crowd Funding sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter enable individuals or companies to raise money online for their businesses.

Griffiths was able to raise over $60,000 in two months on Indiegogo for Knixwear. Topping that sum, menswear brand (and fellow CurveNY exhibitor) Flint & Tinder generated over $290,000 for their brand in 30 days.

For every success there are misses and we’ll be reporting on Crowd Funding best practices in the next few weeks.

More to see…

With over 200 brands at Curve, I’m sure we’ve missed out on some other excellent POS Displays. We’d like to hear from our readers about what POS Displays or packaging they saw at CurveNY that they were impressed with. Please send us an email or comment below.

CurveNY Recap

CurveNY Recap

Please check back for our Crowd Funding feature and, in the mean time, catch up on our CurveNY Coverage HERE.

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