Curvy Couture Luminous Lace Bralette

Liris Crosse in Curvy Couture's Luminous Lace Bralette

Above: Liris Crosse in Curvy Couture’s Luminous Lace Bralette.

“This set makes me feel daring, sexy and playful! I love that I can let it play a part in my outfit if I want to – plus it’s a unique design.” – Liris Crosse.

It’s a trend that crosses over between intimate apparel and mainstream clothing and the bralette movement appears to be here to stay. And for those who think that bralettes are just for teens or those with petit bust lines, they should think again.

The bra experts at Curvy Couture have busted that myth by introducing its first cup-sized wired bralette, the Luminous Lace Bralette, and it’s just in time for the Holidays too.

Curvy Couture Luminous Lace Bralette

Curvy Couture recognized that if they were going to play a significant role in the bralette trend it would have to be appealing to the curvy customer, not just in appearance but in structure, something that many bralettes on the market fall short of.

“We knew our first bralette design had to really support up to H cups,” says Summer Rose Orona, Social Media Manager at Curvy Couture. “So many bralettes out there lack in fitting DDD+.”

Liris Crosse wearing the Curvy Couture Luminous Lace Bralette

This bralette ensemble was given a great endorsement when it was showcased by plus size model Liris Crosse – dubbed “the Naomi Campbell of Plus” – who was headlined in the brand’s social media launch campaign for the Luminous Lace Bralette range.

Crosse made the Luminous Lace Bralette so popular at the brand’s tradeshows and then on social media, that it was informally called the “Liris Bra”. So when it came to the bralette’s launch campaign she was the obvious choice to be the face of the Luminous Lace Bralette range.

Curvy Couture Luminous Lace Bralette in Navy

“Our audience got used to seeing her in this beautiful one-of-a-kind style from Curvy Couture. When it came to us launching the style on our website, collaborating with Liris just made sense,” explains Summer Rose.

Crosse, known for her appearance on season 16 of TV’s gripping fashion series “Project Runway”, expressed her love for this Curvy Couture bralette and matching briefs when she said, “This set makes me feel daring, sexy and playful! I love that I can let it play a part in my outfit if I want to – plus it’s a unique design. It’s comfortable yet can be a show stopper to make you feel sexy or leave your mate in awe!”

Curvy Couture’s Luminous Lace Bralette will, undoubtedly, be one of those must-have pieces for under this season’s special party outfits and yet its well devised covering and built in support wire also make it a dependable choice for daytime foundation sophistication.

Curvy Couture Luminous Lace Bralette

Available in Black and Navy, the Luminous Lace Bralette features a flattering scooped neckline that offers full fit and reliable top bust support. Soft, delicate semi-sheer lace cups are adorned with eyelash lace overlay to playfully outline the cleavage. Intricately winding metallic accents against lace give the Luminous Lace Bralette its distinctive attractive glittery effect.

“Our Luminous Lace Bralette lets you feel comfortable with less padding [as well as] sheerness with sexy lace detail. We know our customers will love it!” Summer Rose says, describing this glamourous piece.

Luminous Lace Bralette Style Tips

Curvy Couture Luminous Lace Bralette
Flaunting its versatility, Summer Rose proffers a few tips as to how get the most out of the Luminous Lace Bralette.

“If it’s for the bedroom only, wear with a nice robe. Trying the innerwear as outerwear trend? Pair with a sheer top, blazer or leather jacket and high waisted skirt or pants for a look that you’ll never forget! However you style it, take advantage of the cross-back features of this style. Strap options are a girl’s best friend!”

Besides having the advantage of being a convertible style – either worn classic or crossback – the major selling point for the Luminous Lace Bra is the support it provides for the fuller bust through floating underwire technology.

“The floating underwire is hidden and does not extend to the edge of the bra, like most” explains Summer Rose. “We chose this type of underwire because it’s less noticeable to the eye while still providing support and comfort to wear all day.”

As it offers a discreet support platform, the floating wire technique keeps the Luminous Lace Bralette looking stylish and lends that air of effortless transition between inner and outerwear and daytime and evening styling.

We hear Wedding Bells!

And the Curvy Couture bralette movement doesn’t end there. If you’re wondering how it could possibly get better than the gorgeous Luminous Lace Bralette, then you’ll be pleased to know that the brand has plans to bring out a bridal bralette, based on the Luminous Lace Bralette, to enhance their girl’s special day.

“Same style bra with a different neckline, lace and embroidery,” confirms Summer Rose. “Stay tuned for our bridal bralette.”

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