Curvy Couture Summer Duo

Curvy Couture Summer Duo

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Earlier this year – back in February – we showed you this crowd pleaser in a delicious Wineberry color as a luscious luxurious go-to piece for Valentine’s Day celebrations. Now, as promised, Curvy Couture – one of the most prolific brands in the industry – has again skillfully put a romantic glint in our eyes – this time of the summer seaside – with the newest addition of this lovely jewel-toned Turquoise tint to this best-seller, the Tulip Lace Push Up Bra.

Created up to H cup, the Tulip Lace Push Up Bra also exists in everyday neutrals of Black and Bombshell Nude, but the brand always keeps this irresistible piece fresh by injecting it with fabulous colors of which Turquoise is the latest tease.

Rightfully so, the brand is confident that this latest output from the Tulip collection is a fulfillment of the demands of its clientele.

“As you know the Tulip bra is our best-selling contour bra in the Curvy Couture assortment. Our customer, both wholesale and direct, are consistently asking for more colors in the Tulip, so we had to deliver,” says VP of Marketing & Sales at Curvy Couture, Evora Russell.

When questioned about the latest color choice for this charming front runner style, the answer, according to the brand, was obvious.

“I think it speaks for itself. It is beautiful and works for the entire skin tone range,” confirms Evora. “Leading up to each season, we color the Tulip in several colors and try them on various models to see which color wins. The Turquoise color was so stunning on every skin tone that we tried it on, it was a must have color for our brand.”

The established popularity of the Tulip bra coupled with its latest enticing color can only result in another successful season for this best-seller which consists of bra and lovely figure flattering matching bottoms in hipster model.

“We will be sold out of this color before the summer ends,” predicts Evora, VP of Marketing & Sales at Curvy Couture regarding the Turquoise hue. Surely, brand fans will be watching this space to see what else is to come from this firm favorite that is the Tulip Lace Push Up Bra.

And because no summer lingerie wardrobe is complete without a useful piece of activewear, Curvy Couture is again making good on an earlier promise to deliver a solid sporting style especially ideal for plus size customers who want the option of wearing a non-underwired style.

This year the brand launched a trio of sports bras that included a non-wired version known as the Confident Fit Wire Free Sports Bra which is intended to give a comfort fit but, like its underwired counterparts, still provide a sturdy hold even for larger busts.

“We just launched sport in the 2nd quarter of this year and the response to our Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports Bra has been amazing,” says Evora Russell, VP of Marketing & Sales at Curvy Couture. “We are finding that our customer loves the support, lift and no bounce of this bra. The Confident Fit Wire free sports bra serves the same purpose as the Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports Bra, but just without a wire. Our extensive testing has shown us that this bra is equally as comfortable, provides maximum support, as well as no bounce – it’s just without a wire. Some women just don’t want to wear a bra with a wire, and this bra is her solution.”

With the advent of the athleisure trend, activewear is often marketed as dual purpose – both as gym and casual wear – so it is imperative that women have choice in employing styles that are optimum to their needs. This includes the option of wearing wired and/or non-wired styles according to necessity or taste. Curvy Couture has shown an understanding of this fashion force where women need to be both sport ready and road worthy, and has responded with appropriate products.

“Curvy Couture wants to be the go-to bra brand for the curvy woman’s entire lifestyle,” says the brand’s Evora Russell. “Each collection does or will have both an underwire offering as well as a wire free offering for every occasion in our girl’s lifestyle. We definitely have both a strong underwire customer and wire free customer, so our goal is to offer both in all collections. I believe that the woman that loves the Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports Bra, will also need the Confident Fit Wire Free Sports Bra for her top drawer to be complete.”

Confident Fit Wire Free like the brand’s sporting range is constructed with moisture-wicking fabric supported with breathable mesh to keep the wearer cool and comfortable on the move. And good news for fuller figure ladies, as this bra goes up 46 back size, the brand’s second bra to achieve this band measurement so far. And, as Curvy Couture’s Evora Russell has reported phenomenal results with the other sporting styles, the expectation is that the Confident Fit Wire Free Sports Bra will also be a high scorer.

So that’s a dynamic duo from Curvy Couture to get us stylishly through the summer season.

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