Curvy Couture Tulip Strappy Lace Bra Review

Curvy Couture Tulip Strappy Lace Bra Review

Photos by Karen French Photography @karenfrenchphotography
Make-up by @jenniferchristinebeauty.

Curvy Couture’s latest lingerie creation – the Tulip Lace Strappy Lace Push Up and Smooth Push Up Bra is meant to inspire and excite the senses.

TLJ’s Michelle Broomes recently wrote, “Adorned with scalloped lace overlay, gorgeous sheer neckline and designed with over bust cage strap accents, Tulip Strappy Lace is perfect as an evening/boudoir option with its sensual outlook.”

The new bra styles are welcome spin offs from their popular Tulip collection. and one of the first to experience this new set first-hand was Pin Me Up author, Jenny Rieu. A few weeks ago, Curvy Couture sent her the bras in both colors and today, we talk to Jenny about her experience with this Curvy Couture creation:

Curvy Couture

What were your first thoughts upon seeing the Tulip Strappy Set?

When I first discovered the two new Tulip Strappy sets, I thought to myself I want them both. I love a good caged bra because you can wear it as outerwear and let it peek through a sheer blouse or a low cut top. I couldn’t really choose between the two sets because one is more classic, while the second set is more unique and includes that gorgeous Maroon color. My second favorite thing in both sets, are the high waist bottoms in a solid color. As a full figure woman who loves all things retro, I am in love with both sets as they are such classics and they remind me of my pin up roots.

Curvy Couture Tulip Strappy Lace Bra Review

What kind of vibe do you think Curvy Couture was going for in this set? How do you think they achieved it?

To be honest I think these two designs are some of the sexiest ever created by Curvy Couture Intimates. I feel like they achieve sexiness, comfort and support all at once. I have modeled and collaborated with a variety of lingerie brands over the course of the past two years and I can assure you that both sets are perfection. In fact I can’t stop wearing them and I am currently trying to find ways to include them in some of my outfits.

I recently teamed up with Curvy Couture Intimates to do a body positive giveaway and I felt confident wearing both sets and introducing them to my audience. I would never endorse a product that I don’t believe in 100 percent. The Tulip Strappy lace sets really compliment my hourglass figure and they are a must have.

Curvy Couture Tulip Strappy Lace Bra Review

Curvy Couture wants this collection to bring out the inner vixen in all of it’s customers. How did these pieces do that for you?

The fact that I want to show them in some of my outfits indicate that I feel great about myself and the way I look in them. They are show pieces that bring out my femininity and I am in love with the strappy details on both sets. I feel like most full bust women are often given the option of full coverage and I never understood that. Women should be proud of their bodies and celebrate them by wearing sexy lingerie. Both sets will definitely bring out your inner retro Femme Fatale, as they are so 1950s inspired. To me they evoke Betty Page or Dita Von Teese because of the way they are designed. They also have a modern feel with the straps which I think is a style that came out much later. But regardless they really make you feel sexy and in control of your own femininity. I would add that gone are the days when a woman would have to buy lingerie simply to please her man. Curvy Couture knows that women want to celebrate their own womanhood and these two sets definitely help achieve that.

Curvy Couture Tulip Strappy Lace Bra Review

How did Tulip Strappy Set inspire the photoshoot? What ideas did it bubble up in you and your photographer?

So as previously mentioned, I teamed up with Curvy Couture Intimates and offered a giveaway to both of our followers for a chance to win either set. I also teamed up with Karen French Photography to offer a full on photoshoot with make-up, hair and styling by me. My goal is simply to share what I have been living for the past few years as a model. I have learnt to love myself after going through some serious body changes due to fibroids. I had two options after that. Feel bad about it or simply embrace my new curves. Both CC and Karen French Photography aim to make women feel beautiful about themselves and celebrate their bodies no matter what size. So all of these elements inspired me throughout my photoshoot with Karen. She had a variety of decors and I got my hair and makeup done on set. I felt confident, I had fun and I felt inspired by all the great pieces that I modeled that day. Karen had certain poses that she wanted me to do and I also brought my own stamp to the shoot with some of my signature poses.

Curvy Couture Tulip Strappy Lace Bra Review

What’s the fit like in this set?

Both sets feel comfortable and extremely supportive which is always a fabulous feeling.

How does the fit and design make you feel?

The fit and the design make me feel like I am not wearing lingerie, as it really feels like second skin.

Curvy Couture Tulip Lace Strappy Push Up Bra

What’s the one stand-out detail from this set?

The fact that the bottoms are in a solid color instead of an expected matchy matchy dual color that exist in the bra is definitely what caught my eye. I also love the strappy detail and the high waist bottoms, which are kind of a signature for the brand I feel.

What are the textures like on this set?

The lingerie sets are made of Nylon, Spandex and lace. The whole set feels really soft on the skin and I love that the straps feel like they are floating on my skin.

Curvy Couture

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