Cyberjammies AW16

Cyberjammies AW16

Above: Cyberjammies AW16.

Cyberjammies AW16 calls on a myriad of colour ranging from blues, pinks and grey and into more winter berry hues and prints in time for the holidays.”

Story & Event Photos by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor.

Who knew that perusing fashion pieces to laze around in could ironically, be so stimulating? This was certainly the case and the atmosphere at the Cyberjammies press day on June 30th 2016.

The loungewear brand, which has been established for over 10 years and is known for its fun and fashionable PJs, cordially welcomed patrons to Portland Place in London’s busy West End, giving the opportunity to get up close to current and expected collections. Exhibited lines ranged from AW16 to SS17. And it all went down a treat including delicious titbits like candy, cupcakes and Prosecco and not to mention a generous goody bag.

Cyberjammies AW16 Cyberjammies AW16

Some lines of the Cyberjammies women’s AW16 collection have already seen early release including Pretty in Pink, Lotus Flower and Porcelain Doll, with further collections due to follow in August and September as the intended season draws nearer.

Cyberjammies MAN AW16 _ RHYTHM AND BLUES Collection Blue Mix Check PJ's Pant and Top

Brand owner Kunal Sadarangani, has kept and revived favourite shapes with season expressive colour for AW16, informing that it was a “continuation” of things that have worked well for the brand so far.

Cyberjammies AW16 calls on a myriad of colour ranging from blues, pinks and grey and into more winter berry hues and prints in time for the holidays. Expert Print Designer Laura Grayston, who has been with the company for the past five years, is the talent behind those wonderful twists and turns in colour and pattern that captivated attendees at the recent press day.

Cyberjammies AW16 Cyberjammies AW16

“I am Cyberjammies only print designer, so it has been wonderful being given full rein on print design, working closely with the team developing collections and growing the brand,” Laura told TLJ. “I’m being inspired all the time and constantly snapping away on my phone. I regularly trail through catwalks online. I’m addicted to Pinterest as many creatives are, but my main inspiration comes from day trips in the UK and day to day life.”

Laura, who has worked with well-known brands inclusive of the iconic Marks& Spencer, attentively combined whimsy with good business sense when choosing her designs for the clusters of collections geared towards the impending season.

Cyberjammies AW16

“Our current AW16 collection ‘Dandelion Shower’ was inspired by a field of dandelions in a sudden winter shower in April,” she explained. “This collection has a magical winter feel. Purple Haze and Magenta Madness were a play on the classic paisley design that you see so much in PJs, but I like to have a play so took elements and added a floral twist.

“We obviously love a floral print, as do our customers and we always have at least one pretty floral in our range like AW16 ‘South Pacific’ and SS17 we have ‘Olivia’. but PJs are overrun with florals and we like to offer something a bit different for our customers as we think they expect more than what you get on the high street! They want to be wowed.”

SS17 Nora Rose by Cyberjammies

Above: preview of the upcoming Cyberjammies SS17 collection.

What’s amazing about Cyberjammies collections is the plurality of shapes and the ease of which they can be interchanged. Invitees to the press day had the pleasure of fingering through dainty shorts, cute chemises, cosy long trousers, camis in soothing modal, nightdresses, robes, night shirts with a masculine touch but feminine essence and comforting knit tops perfect for cross matching across ranges.

Never one seemingly to rest on her laurels, print designer Laura Grayston is already ahead on sketching out the plans for Cyberjammies AW17 collection as the brand barrels forward toward releasing new products into the loungewear market.

“I’m currently gathering research for AW17 trends and colour,” she revealed. “Colour palettes are developed as a team so Kunal and his wonderful team in India can develop the checked fabrics, whilst I’m busying myself sketching and painting at my home studio. It works well and I’m just as excited as everyone else to see Cyberjammies next move!”

With the turnover of collections appearing to proceed at a remarkable pace, guests to the press day were also impressed with the presentation of SS17 collection pieces on hand. These are set to drop around December.

SS17 Cyberjammies womens collections

Above: preview of the upcoming Cyberjammies SS17 collection.

“Teasers [from SS17] include a nod to the Nautical trend with a range called ‘Heidi’”, designer Laura informed. “Its fresh stripes and linear foliage sets the summer scene. I’ve continued the play on paisleys into our SS17 with ‘Harriet’ which almost looks like a modern monochrome linear bird of paradise from afar. And then we have ‘Vienna’ in all her glorious violets. Not forgetting our brides -we also have a very pretty floral called ‘Olivia’ which has a fun flash of neon throughout, a perfect cover up whilst getting ready for your big day!”

And there is something for the whole family at Cyberjammies as the brand creates ranges for men and a ‘MINIjammies’ assortment for kids.

SS17 Cyberjammies MAN

Above: preview of the upcoming Cyberjammies SS17 collection.

“So we’re now dressing the entire household and making all of our customers happy loungers!” Laura explained. “[There’s] our vintage inspired range with the [mature] customer in mind, called Nora-Rose. Then we have our Cyberjammies MEN, which offers a great range of prints, checks and super soft ‘thermaknits’; and our fast growing kids collection, ‘MINIjammies’.”

MINIjammies reflects some of the playful prints of the adult collections but has also influenced the adult range through interest in its dedicated prints – in particular this time round, the Unicorn and Hot Air Balloon motifs are in demand for the ladies collection.

To say the least, Cyberjammies loungewear is truly inspiring – the look, the feel and the price point are all impressive, not to mention the look of effortlessness the team exudes in placing these lively loungewear products in the market.

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