Daisy Corsets Introduces New Premium Collection


Daisy Corsets has chosen the September 2013 International Lingerie Show to introduce Top Drawer–their newest, premium collection of corsets.

The Top Drawer line was specifically developed in response to retailers that have been asking for a premium product at a price point that is still accessible. Corsets in the Top Drawer collection are fully steel boned, many with waist tape, to provide superior structure and support–ensuring that they are as functional as they are fashionable. Materials for the new line were carefully selected to be more robust, and all feature premium hardware and zippers, privacy panels, and thicker lining.


Daisy Corsets has long been a fan of pairing their large selection of corsets with outerwear looks, a style that is now becoming the hottest trend on runways and style blogs. The Top Drawer collection of corsets looks just as appropriate in a retailer’s lingerie section as they do in the outerwear section, especially when paired with denim or pants. This unique cross-marketing aspect gives retailers many different options to sell Daisy Corsets’ line.

The Top Drawer line features nearly 75 corset styles, and will be showcased alongside Daisy Corsets’ already extensive collection in booths 134-136 at the 2013 Las Vegas International Lingerie Show, which takes place September 23-25, 2013.

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