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Darkest Fox Awaiting Spring Look Book

Above: Darkest Fox Awaiting Spring Look Book featuring Rusalka Lingerie.

“Darkest Fox’s mission is to empower and inspire individuals through bold, elegant fashion and aesthetics.”

One night, Mabel Liang caught a glimpse of an animal lurking in the dark. Was is it a dog? A raccoon? She wasn’t sure.

As the creature padded towards the light, Mabel turned and found herself gazing at a Fox. The next morning, Darkest Fox was born.

“It was serendipitous,” said Mabel of the dream that launched her e-boutique.

Darkest Fox a Day in the Life

After months of visiting New York City, exploring lingerie boutiques, feeling inspired and meeting with designers, Mabel started taking the idea of creating her own site seriously.

Meeting a fox in a dream made the decision easier.

In less than a year, Mabel and her creative director and photographer, Truc, launched DarkestFox.com as an e-boutique focused on emerging luxury designer brands.

Darkest Fox enigma set by Gigi K

Enigma Set by Gigi K.

Darkest Fox Aesthetics

Some of the first designers to debut on Darkest Fox were two Mabel had met during her first trips to New York: Gigi K and Rusalka Lingerie.

Truc photographed and designed Darkest Fox’s first look book, A Secret Identity, that set the tone for the e-boutique’s photography and branding which Mabel describes as edgy and elegant.

Darkest Fox Femme Fauna

Above: Femme Fauna.

Mabel and Truc often collaborate with the brands they sell by creating custom look books. The results are visual and emotional feasts ranging from the whimsical to the darkly erotic.

“I love working with other creative people, collaborating with them, and building strength together,” said Mabel of the process.

Darkest Fox Darkest Valentine

Above: Femme Fauna.

Today, consumers on DarkestFox.com can browse and shop for collections by Addiction Lingerie, Erica M., Eros Veneziani, Femme Fauna, Gigi K, Patrice Catanzaro, Rusalka Lingerie, Somi Apparel and Tyes.by.Tara..

Darkest Fox Romantic Days Set Gigi K

the Importance of Fit

Shopping on DarkestFox.com feels streamlined and intuitive thanks to Mabel’s background in e-Commerce. Visuals on the site are engaging and crisp, helping shoppers get a clear picture of what they’re shopping for.

To make sizing decisions easier, model measurements are placed next to their images.

For customers wary of finding the right size online, Darkest Fox collects certain styles under its Perfect Fit Collection. Pieces are completely adjustable and range from lingerie to loungewear.

Darkest Fox's Mabel Liang and Truc

Above and from left: Darkest Fox founders, Mabel Liang and Truc.

“At Darkest Fox, we believe that lingerie should conform and fit the body, not the other way around.”

“The bikini-style bras and panties in this collection features ties instead of elastic straps so that you can adjust them to fit perfectly,” said Mabel. “The bras use soft lace rather than molded cups so that they flatter naturally feminine curves.”

Closing in on their first year of business, Darkest Fox is getting a clear picture of their customer says Mabel: “They are women of agency; they wear lingerie for themselves.”

Darkest Fox

She also hopes that Darkest Fox becomes a source of inspiration for her fans. She encourages anyone to visit the site, shop or just swoon over the imagery and stories Darkest Fox puts together through their look books.

In a nutshell: take time to admire all the pretty lingerie.

“It comes down to the importance of self love,” said Mabel. “I feel like when you’re kind and gentle to yourself it’s easier to do that with other people around you and I think you’re whole world changes when you’re kind to yourself.”

Find Your Inner Vixen: visit Darkest Fox

Website: darkestfox.com
Email: hello@darkestfox.com

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