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Darkest Fox owner Mabel Liang has made it her mission to redefine the premium lingerie shopping experience. Customer service is often compromised in an online environment, but that hasn’t stopped Mabel from finding ways to make her customers feel catered to.

Since many of the Darkest Fox customers are men buying gifts for their wives and girlfriends, Mabel has morphed her customer service department into a concierge service, with staff members always available to help with sizing or styling questions.

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“The most common request we get is that they need it by a specific date like a birthday, anniversary, so we can advise on what to purchase based on where the items are shipping from and timelines for custom orders, to make sure our customers get their gifts in time,” she says.

Many urban professional women also frequent the site and Mabel has planned to make their shopping experience just as easy and memorable. She focuses her efforts on creating the best user experience in e-commerce. “We are working to make the Darkest Fox website personalized to our customers based on their preferences and shopping history, along with features like multiple shareable Wishlists and Darkest Fox Loyalty Points,” she says.

Styling Suggestions

Another feature you won’t find anywhere else—styling tips for each item is listed along with each product description. By working with different photographers and models, Darkest Fox hopes to inspire users on how they can style their lingerie with outerwear pieces, as well as seeing how the lingerie might look on women of different heights, bust size, and body types.

“Our extensive How To Style It sections for each product makes users inspired to see what the products look like in “real life” on “real people”, and we encourage our customers to share their photos with us to post on our social media and product pages to inspire others,” Mabel adds.


Products are both elegant and edgy—the site carries everything from kinky bondage and BDSM accessories to demure and feminine lace designs. The shop’s collections are truly curated – each brand and product hand selected so that they meet the high standards Mabel has set for her products. Customers can browse established brands like Maison Close and Syren Latex, as well as New York-based indie brands such as Taryn Winters and Loulette Lingerie.

Additionally, Darkest Fox carries several European designers, such as Something Wicked from the UK, Fräulein Kink from Germany and Bracli from Spain.

Sexy Back


Darkest Fox believes in celebrating a woman’s sensuality and all its various expressions. Mabel says she works with different artists including models, photographers, and stylists, to redefine what intimacy and “sexy” means, “in public social media and in our private lives,” she says.

“Because the Darkest Fox offers various points of view of what it looks like to be sexy – whether stylistically from floral lace to kinky latex, or an attitude like being demure or being dominant, we hope to inspire our community of customers and artists to explore what they like individually and in their intimate relationships,” says Mabel.

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Email: hello@darkestfox.com

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