DEFY Lingerie Debut Collection

DEFY Lingerie Debut Collection

It’s no news that the Kardashians are the ultimate internet success of this decade. Everything related to the world famous family becomes an instant hit, getting people rushing to stores and items flying off from shelves. However, one of the things that cannot be sold but it’s still a big sensation is their bodies. Partially because of that, butt enhancements surgeries have grown around 256% since 2000. But what happens to the ones who want the extra lift without being willing to commit to a hospital visit?

That’s where DEFY Lingerie comes. DEFY, that calls itself “a body positive brand that’s encouraging women to work what they’ve got”, brings designs that give women a natural lift in their backside without embarrassing paddings or painful surgeries, therefore making the wearer comfortable in their own skin.

DEFY Lingerie Debut Collection

Their debut collection, Cheeky, brings three pieces of shapewear that look nothing like the traditional bottoms we are used to. They are described as the equivalent of a push up bra for the butts, mixing comfort, control and lift. With fetish-inspired harness effect and sensual mesh, the shaping pieces also look great on the body, being fully adjustable and customizable for the degree of lift that the wearer prefers.

The Cheeky Defier works as a foundation piece, outlining the wearer’s frame and giving adjustable definition. This piece, that comes in two options (original or with lace), offers full control and a subtle lift.

DEFY Lingerie Debut Collection

The Cheeky Lift uses a special combination of fabrics and elastic bands to provide a upward lift, supporting the thighs and butt cheeks without the discomfort of compression materials.

The Cheeky Garter offers the maximum lift for any bottom, with removable separating suspenders that push out the hips and create curves and definition.

All the products are made in the USA and were created by Kariyma Maria and Wanda Jones, aiming to make woman enhance their natural curves while learning to embrace and love their bodies the way they are – a hard task in the days of Instagram models and ever-growing surgery numbers.

DEFY Lingerie Debut Collection

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