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Designer Interview with Danielle Mathis of Sugar and Spice Aprons

Luna Lugo is the owner of, an online lingerie website serving women of all shapes & sizes focusing on plus size, BBW & petite sizes. Lugo, a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, has over 15 years of fashion merchandising & marketing experience. She is obsessed with lingerie history & is in the process of creating a multi-media production on Burlesque & French Maids from origin to present day.

I was transported back in time to the 50’s and 60’s when I first saw the classic sexy aprons by designer, Danielle Mathis for Sugar and Spice Aprons on Etsy.

Who would think that Gidget’s (60’s TV series starring Sally Field) fruit basket prints aprons and Marilyn Monroe inspired polka dot halter aprons would be so sexy.

I interviewed Danielle and got to the heart of her ambition and her contagious enthusiasm for her customers and the ideas that inspire her to create unique aprons like the French maid inspired apron with black tie detail.

LL: According to your bio on Sugar & Spice Aprons on Etsy, you learned how to sew at the age 16 and quickly grew tired of sewing simple pillows and tote bags patterns so you decided to master the Simplicity Pattern Co. retro apron patterns. Could you explain?

DM: Yes, I wanted to try something new, I fell in love with the retro apron patterns and no matter how bad my initial aprons were my Mom wore them with pride which encouraged me to continue mastering the process.

LL: Wow, it is so great that your family supported you and it seems that you started to get orders for your aprons after your Mom posted pictures of her in your aprons on an online message board. Were you nervous?

DM: A bit nervous but I was so happy that I received orders and because my Mom and my sister would stay up with me till 2am I was able to fulfill the orders on time.

LL: It is tough to start a business especially at the age of 16 but the support and encouragement from your loved ones can make such a positive difference. It seems that you truly love what you do.

DM: Yes, I do. I enjoy it immensely. I get a thrill out of the reaction from my customers when they receive my aprons. I really listen to the feedback from my clients and they have inspired me to make new apron patterns.

LL: It is wonderful to hear that you truly value your customers – so many businesses treat their customers like drones.

DM: What I love most about your aprons aside from their unique style is that you’re inspired by one of my favorite Hollywood sex icons, Marilyn Monroe and your designs are very retro. Why?

LL: I really love that time period, the design and cut of the dresses from the 50’s and 60’s were very clean and classic and the aprons were beautiful. I love icons like Marilyn Monroe and “Gidget” their individual style was fun, flirty and sexy without being scandalous.

DM: Yes, I agree. Many plus size women of 2k prefer the Rockabilly style and buying vintage dresses and accessories from the 50’s and 60’s because the design and cut is perfect for women of all shapes and sizes.

LL: You mentioned that your customers inspire you? How so and do you create your own patterns?

DM: Yes, my customers always inspire me. For example, the French maid apron, one of my customers saw another company’s apron online, and asked me to create a design similar but with some differences.  I   love a challenge and I am always happy to facilitate my customer’s requests. I also create my own apron patterns so all designs are my own. I sketch out a pattern and then transfer it to fabric - it does not take long at all.

I love the French maid apron because I am fascinated by the fashion history of French maid outfits. We are happy that we are carrying the French Maid apron as a set. I think it makes the perfect gift for Fall.

LL: I was wondering if you plan to make your beautiful aprons into dresses and if you plan to expand your line of aprons?

DM: Some of my clients make special requests to create an apron into a dress and I have done that in the past. I am thinking of expanding my line to compliment the aprons by designing oven mitts, kitchen towels, etc. I will continue to broaden my apron collection as well…the possibilities are endless.

LL: I can’t wait to see that.  When are your busiest seasons and do you offer aprons in sizes XXL since so many women in America are beyond a size 14.

DM: Yes, I offer all sizes and I can create custom order aprons sizes beyond XXL. My busiest seasons are Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day and I include a thank you note in every shipment that I send because I enjoy what I do and I am always grateful for my clients.

LL: Well, Danielle thanks so much for taking the time to share your creative process. I can’t wait to see what you cook up next!

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