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Priscilla Codinach was born and partially raised as a southern Belle learning the art and craft of sewing from her grandmother. Those early lessons transformed into a passion for fashion and over the years, Priscilla worked at her craft cultivating a skill set that would prove invaluable later in life. While attending high school in Miami, Fl her love for dance branched out into costume design.

Upon her graduation in 2002 she was awarded Best Costume Design. After high school she attended Miami International University of Art and Design earning her a Degree in Fashion Design.

In 2006, Priscilla launched her own brand — Priscilla Jade Lingerie.

We first interviewed Priscilla in 2011 for the debut of her Noir Collection. Since then, we’ve been thrilled to see Priscilla Jade Lingerie (PJL) grow and expand. Her latest collection, Lullaby offers consumers a sultry and elegant collection of intimates designed to entice and excite. Priscilla recently sat down with us to talk about all things lingerie and we wanted to share more insights into Priscilla Jade Lingerie with our readers with this in-depth Q&A:

All About Priscilla Jade

Priscilla Jade Lullaby Petal Pajama

Priscilla Jade Lingerie is brand that celebrates sensuality and comfort.”

Could you tell our readers who might not be familiar with your collection collection what Priscilla Jade Lingerie is all about?

Priscilla Jade Lingerie is brand that celebrates sensuality and comfort. We want women to purchase our intimate apparel with full confidence that they will feel their best wearing it. It is my mission to provide women with comfort and beauty, intended to amplify emotion, sexuality and confidence.

I take pride in taking what my grandmother taught me as a little girl and I design each piece from the draping, pattern and sample making. All of my products are handmade locally in Miami, Florida.

The new collection Lullaby is striking, could talk a little bit about this new collection and the direction and aesthetics you’re aiming for?

Thank you! I like taking the concept of basics and changing people’s concepts about them. For Lullaby, I’ve incorporated the same soft black power mesh you find in all of my collections. I’ve found that my retail customers and their customers love this sheer fabric. The stripes you see on the garments in Lullaby are new and they were actually inspired by some new decor in my home. I found that I liked the way stripes silhouette a woman’s body. The collection evolved into something really amazing that still shows where we started as a brand.

How do you think retailers and consumers will react to the new collection?

I am extremely excited about the way Lullaby came together and I think buyers will recognize that Priscilla Jade is growing and evolving as a brand with this new collection.

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Priscilla Jade Lingerie Room 53

With each collection I try something new and look for new fabrics to incorporate into collections. The Little Black Panty debuted in 2010 and you can still see it in all of my collections. The fit is popular in every style and integrated into each collection. I have collaborated with Intimates Plus to offer plus size pieces of my collections. Priscilla Jade Lingerie is working its way to having something for everyone.

Could you tell our readers a little bit about the materials and fabrics you work with on each collection?

I have been hooked on the power mesh I found when I designed my first collection. I loved that it was sheer and how it hugged a woman’s body. I found that there was something really sexy about it…even slightly erotic because of the sheerness. The Noir collection had lace details while Spring Awakening was chic and flirty. And Lullaby is a little bit more sultry with a clean silhouette. I feel that it all has to work together for a great fit and eye catching design.

Priscilla Jade Lingerie Room53 close up

“I wanted to play with the idea of stripes on a woman’s figure keeping the simplicity of PJL basics.”

How different are the materials/fabrics used in Lullaby? Why the change?

Lullaby is very different from the last two collections. I used more of the new chiffon/satin striped fabric with new elastics. I took inspiration from the Noir and Spring collection and basically gave it a makeover. Lullaby is the naughty sister that sneaks out at night to go to party with her girlfriends.

Where is Priscilla Jade Lingerie manufactured? Why?

All of PJL products are handmade in the USA. My grandmother taught me how to sew at a young age and she nurtured my talents and skills. So, I want to keep the tradition of having each piece handmade.

How long did it take you to bring Priscilla Jade Lingerie to life from concept to first samples?

Priscilla Jade was established in 2006. Initially, I started having fashion shows in Miami’s best nightclubs with the launch of the Little Black Panty. Miami is a very sexy city and I had a lot of opportunities for exposure at these types of venues. A few years later I sat down and created a complete collection based on the Little Black Panty. Each year PJL will debut a new collection, new Bobettes (panties) and collaborations.

What can a retailer ordering Priscilla Jade Lingerie expect? What can their customers expect?

PJL designs are true to size. Our panties are full coverage and anti-wedgie. Styles vary offering the most popular. Each year we introduce a new style of bra, bralette, panty, thong etc. I feel that a proper “tailored” fit for intimate apparely is very important. No matter what your intimates personality may be, from sporty to flirty. I too have been a victim of wearing the wrong bra size and we all know how uncomfortable it can be.

The Designer

Designer Priscilla Codinach

“I tell everyone that intimates for a women is like a ‘superman’ suit underneath our clothes.”

When did you first become interested in lingerie?

At a very young age. I grew up in a small town where we did not have Macy’s or a Bloomingdales. A small road trip was required to make it to the nearest trendy shops. As soon as I’d walk in those shops, my hands were grabbing at poly-satin panties in five different colors for $15. I wanted to grow up and be a fancy lady so badly. I loved dressing up and being in costumes. Costumes and makeup consumed most of life being a dancer. Design and theatrics have always been a part of me.

Were you always on track to become an intimates designer? What lead you to intimates?

I think intimates are fun and powerful. Although, being onstage was an adrenaline rush, I had to take it off and be normal the rest of the day. I tell everyone that intimates for a women is like a “superman” suit underneath our clothes. A beautiful bra and panty set gives me a boost in confidence. Some women feel that way about shoes or a purse, but if you have all three, well then I guess you could rule the world.

Do you listen to music when you work? If so, what?

I do listen to music — music is big thing here in Miami. I listen to a variety of music styles. Some days, I could be listening to Luke Bryan (country), Beyonce, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour or Vivaldi. Honestly, it just depends how stressful my day starts out.

What would you be doing if you weren’t designing?

I think I’d be in a big fancy museum as a curator or an art thief. I have always loved art. Not only did I try to make clothes out of bed sheets but I’d paint on every piece of paper I could find as a kid. The back-to-school season was my favorite time of year because I would get colored pencils, markers, and a 64-set of crayons.

Living and working in Miami, how does the city influence your aesthetics and work? You also love NYC, does the Big Apple influence you as well?

Yes, Miami is my home base, but I am inspired by every city. I live in a small part of Miami near the water where everything is green — trees galore and it makes me feel like I am back at home in Alabama. I also have a love affair with New York City. The architecture and spirit of that city fascinates me and I always hate leaving New York. The balance between the two are much like my life. I have a side that craves comfort and the other side can be pretty frivilous.

How supportive has your family been as you’ve worked to bring Priscilla Jade Lingerie to life?

My family has always been so positive and supportive. At first, I am sure they questioned the idea of me making underwear for a living, but they have trusted my experiences and know that I have grown into a designer and business owner.

How do you come to the name Priscilla Jade Lingerie?

Just after I graduated highschool I went through a phase when I had black-dyed hair, pale skin and hazel/green eyes. My grandmother called me “bruja” which means Witch in Spanish. But I didn’t consider myself “Gothic” or “Goth” by any means. My tween cousin said I looked like her Brats doll “Jade”. I thought she was super cute and it was a cool name. So, I started calling myself Priscilla Jade before I enrolled in art school.


Priscilla Jade Lingerie Room53 video still
What’s your favorite piece of lingerie?

Over the years, I have collected few pieces of vintage and costume lingerie, but my favorite piece is a red negligee that belonged to my mother. It is old but I wear it sometimes when I am home alone relaxing after a bubble bath. It actually inspired the Carlos negligee from the Noir collection.

What lingerie designers and/or brands inspire you?

Independent designers like myself are always inspiring to me. I feel that while we all have our own design concepts and are so different from each other, we’re connected by our desire to run our own business and grow our brands the way we want to. I also admire the quality of high-end luxury brands. Hands down, Fifi Chachnil and Kiki de Monteparnasse are among my favorites in this category.

What other passions do you have? How do they affect you as a designer?

I collect art from traveling. I buy books to fill my bookcase and plant flowers. Daily life effects how perceptive I am to finding inspiration and letting it trigger somthing creatively. My home is my sanctuary, wo when I get to fill it up with things I have expereinced, I feel complete. All my pieces are together in this one place.

The Business of Lingerie

Priscilla Jade Lingerie Lullaby Collection
What is the biggest challenge in designing and launching a brand?

It’s challenging to build recognition. It take a great deal of confidence to start knocking on everyone’s door and sending emails. Reaching out for new business and keeping your creative juices flowing is a juggling act. And over the years, I’ve learn to stay true to what I want my brand to represent.

What has been the biggest challenge for you as a designer? Any technical obstacles you encountered?

My biggest challenge has been production. You anticipate your first big order and in due time they just all start rolling in at the same time. It’s stressful, but as a small business and the only option is to enjoy the ride.

Where do you see Priscilla Jade Lingerie being sold here in the US and/or abroad?

PJL is sold all over the United States online and have even started receiving orders from the UK. It suprises me sometimes how far my company gets via blogs and social media. My goal is to be in all the specialty boutiques across the USA and Europe.

Could you tell us what’s next for Priscilla Jade Lingerie?

PJL will be collaborating with DBrie Swim and diving into swimwear this year. I am so excited. Miami is a very sexy city and I have always thought about integrating the construction of intimates for swim.

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