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“Creative Team behind the Lingerie Edit reveal plans for new look show.“

Dessous London aims to reinterpret the trade show for 2017 and beyond. As long-time participants in shows worldwide the event’s organizers said that they felt a point has been reached where trade fairs have become boringly formulaic: the same old set-up repeated season after season with little added by way of ‘theatre’ to stimulate or excite buyers.

“We understand the importance of remerchandising in store and online so it seems ironic that little is being done to change the way we, as the trade, set out the very spaces we encourage press and buyers to visit,” said Dessous’ Iain McCallum. “It dawned on us that as creatives we crave change to hold our interest and to make us feel as though we are discovering something new, vital and ground-breaking. We agree that the means to achieve this is to consider how best we could ‘remerchandise’ the trade show to take it in a newly energized destination.”

Lingerie Edit January 2017 Recap

Above: the Lingerie Edit in January 2017.

After much discussion and research the Dessous team said that they hit upon a formula that they propose to roll out this July in a new venue in Marylebone. ‘Dessous London’s’ aim is to capture a moment and curate it to reflect the current spirit of contemporary design. The team propose that from season to season they will “change things up” making sure that the show will not only bring together the best designers of the moment – it will also capture the spirit of the Zeitgeist by throwing in some surprises and additional points of interest.

“We appreciate how very important these shows are to press and buyers and realize that there can be too much product under one roof. We want to show like-minded brands who are all sufficiently different whether by style or by price point so that everyone is in a space where they feel like a unique exhibit on a level playing field. We hope that Dessous London will tick these boxes and more.” said Iain.

Participating brands and event specifics will be announced in the coming weeks.

For further information please contact:
Iain McCallum
07771 636612

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