Layneau Collection Jeff Thibodeau

Above: Layneau at Lingerie Fashion Week. Photo by Jeff Thibodeau.

“A woman’s gift is to be both regal and vulnerable.” – Kaaren Bedi, LAYNEAU COLLECTION.

Story by Luis Paredes. Photos, unless otherwise noted, are by Nomi Ellenson

One of the most lusted over brands at last month’s Lingerie Fashion Week was LAYNEAU COLLECTION.

The brand’s debut collection, “Princesses and Queens”, was on display on live models during Lingerie Fashion Week’s last day showcasing a collection of boudoir-wear inspired by great vintage originals, updated for today’s generation.

Layneau Collection Nomi Ellenson 9

Photographer Nomi Ellenson captured some of the intricate details crafted by the brand’s designer, Kaaren Bedi, that we wanted to share with our readers.

Layneau Collection Nomi Ellenson 8

“Luxury Boudoir-Wear For the Modern Madame ‘X’”

“Princesses and Queens” is a six-silhouette collection featuring sweeping floor length dressing gowns, dramatic velvet bed jackets, silk slips, chemises, robes, and oversized night shirts.

Layneau Collection Nomi Ellenson 10

Deep burgundy, seafoam green, faint blush and wispy grey mark the color palette, presenting the whimsy of fairy tale illustrations while calling upon their (less-remembered) dark undertones. Constructed to last generations, meticulous seams and attention to fit are evidence of Bedi’s extensive design experience, pooled together from years as a costume designer and wedding gown couturier.

Layneau Collection Nomi Ellenson 6

LAYNEAU’s bespoke pieces are crafted by hand in the label’s Portland atelier, taking great care to both cover, and reveal, strategically. We’ll be working on a full story on Kaaren’s collection later next month.

Layneau Collection Jeff Thibodeau 20

Above photo by: Jeff Thibodeau.

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LAYNEAU FW14 begins delivering in fine boutiques beginning this August, at a luxury price point of $950.00 – $2700.00.

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