Diamant and Diva Tights by Gerbe

Gerbe sent our team images of two new items: Diamant Tights and Diva Tights. One word comes to mind – Shiny!

And that’s more than just a Firefly reference for those paying attention.

The Diva tights are shiny. Gerbe embellished a leafy pattern on these tights with golden metallic embellishments.

Here’s a video we just posted and some images as well:

“Highly sophisticated, they let the legs shine with golden sparkle,” noted the company. “These precious details feature an alluring, very trendy and festive look.”

With the Diamant Tights, Gerbe opted for a striking diamond pattern above the heel for a very clean and elegant look.

“This exquisitely feminine piece with a touch of retro enhances the silhouette and gives to the legs an ultra chic look,” explained the company. “A diamond pattern above the heel finishes off this ‘Haute Couture’ style beautifully.”

Both items are available and wholesale inquiries should be directed to: a.ramage@gerbe.com or by calling + 33 (0) 385 676 624.

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