Does Your Lingerie Business Have a Newsletter Yet?

My name is Treacle and I’m the founder of The Lingerie Addict, a haven for lingerie lovers of every nation and persuasion. As a blogger, I interact constantly with the people your business needs most—customers. My column here is all about bringing you, the lingerie store owner, the perspective of us, the lingerie consumers.

“The money is in the list.” By now, we’ve heard that sentence so often it’s cliché, but, like many clichés, it’s also true. If you want to build a fanbase, if you want to tell potential customers about your latest products, and if you want to advertise any upcoming sales or promotions…you must have a list. Newsletters are no longer an optional part of your marketing and communication strategy, they’re a necessity.

In this article, we’ll talk about the #1 reason every lingerie business needs a newsletter, how to convince people to sign up for your newsletter, and what to do with their e-mail address once they’re signed up.

Newsletters are no longer an optional part of your marketing and communication strategy, they’re a necessity.

Why You Need a Newsletter

Plain and simple, newsletters help you keep customers. We know that e-mail is the preferred method of contact for many people. We know that it takes multiple visits from one customer before they buy anything. And we know that folks have short attention spans and sometimes completely forget what they were doing 15 minutes ago. Having a newsletter (and its alter ego, the mailing list) helps you retain those customers.

Think about it for a moment…if you don’t have a mailing list, and your competitor does, you’re effectively giving those customers away. How? Because your competitor is taking steps to make sure they’re the first name that comes to mind when the customer is ready to buy. If you’re unsure about where to host your newsletter service, take a look at Constant Contact, Aweber, and Vertical Response.

How to Get People to Sign Up for Your Newsletter

In my Lingerie Business Strategy Sessions, brands often ask me why no one is giving away their e-mail address. And in almost every case, either or both of these two things is happening. One, your newsletter sign up box is in an out of the way place. If the sign up box is in the bottom of your webpage, or tucked into an obscure little sidebar, no one is going to notice it enough to sign up; the placement has made it unimportant. Two, you have to give people a reason to give you their e-mail address. This is the basic law of reciprocity…why should someone give you something beneficial, without getting something in return. In other words, no one is ever going to visit your website, see your newsletter sign up box, and exclaim, “Oh boy, a newsletter…just what I’ve always wanted!” You have to give them an incentive to sign up.

Some of the more popular incentives include discount codes, early sneak peeks at upcoming collections, opportunities to buy pieces in advance, and reports, guides, or tips that help the customer. Whatever it is, remember to make your incentive valuable, memorable, and concise.

What to Do Once People Have Given You their E-mail Address

It goes without saying (though I’m saying it anyway) that you should never share, sell, or spam your subscriber list. Treat your mailing list like gold because not only can spamming addresses get you get booted from the email marketing service it can also be a crime under the CAN-SPAM act (if you live in the U.S.). Contact your mailing list at a specific, preferably predictable, frequency. Too many e-mails and you’ll annoy them; too few and they’ll forget they signed up. Also, remember to use a consistent and attractive presentation, investing in a custom format and template if necessary. Finally, make it easy for people to unsubscribe from your list. Forcing someone to jump through hoops to remove their name only ensures that their last interaction with you will be a negative one.

I hope this article has given you some useful tips.

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3 Comments on “Does Your Lingerie Business Have a Newsletter Yet?

  1. Another great article Treacle! Question: in your opinion, what’s the best frequency to send Newsletters? weekly, biweekly, every 10 days? What is your opinion?

  2. Kelly says:

    I totally agree! I looove when my favorite brands/sites have newsletter/email signups. It keeps me feeling “connected” with the brand and sale emails almost always get me to at least visit the site and poke around.

    But one thing that KILLS me is when the newsletter doesn’t have a link to the website so I can actually access the sale/offer/collection you’re telling me about (which is way more common than you’d think!). Making me work to find your website almost always means that your newsletter was useless, because I’m not going to take the time to google for your web address when I have a hundred more emails to get to.

  3. Another great view on Newsletter here:


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