Dream & Drive Lingerie Expands Golden Flowers Collection

Dream & Drive Lingerie Expands Golden Flowers Collection

Dream & Drive Lingerie Designer Carly Morrison has expanded the range of her Golden Flowers Collection to include a new colorway. Dream & Drive Lingerie fans can now find the latest collection in black.

“I decided on expanding the range slightly because it seemed natural to have these styles available in black. Light peach isn’t always for everyone, but black is consistently a classic and staple for lingerie,” she says.

Dream & Drive Lingerie Golden Flowers Evolve Bralette and Knickers

The collection, which evokes the spirit of gift giving, was inspired by the shape of flowers and X’s and bows. “I focused on the shapes of what these gestures of gifts would be,” says Morrison of the collection. “Golden Flowers became a representation of love – how we feel lucky to know someone, like they are a gift to us.”

Dream & Drive Lingerie Expands Golden Flowers Collection

Styles now available in black include the Evolve Bralette, a cute minimal style that is based loosely on the formation of a bow and features a delicate lace in the front center; and Evolve Knickers, which are a high cut brief with an overlay of flowing peplum, which was meant to resemble the shape of a flower.

Dream & Drive Lingerie Expands Golden Flowers Collection

The Outline set is also now available in black. The Outline Quarter Bra is a cheeky silhouette that barely covers the bust. It features black satin elastic straps and silver o-rings that give lift to the bust. The original style comes in Golden with a black contrast outline. The new variation of this style is all black.

These styles are available in sizes XS through 3XL, with the option for custom sizing available.

Dream & Drive Lingerie Golden Flowers Oultline Quarter bra and 6 strap garter belt and Knickers

Morrison says these two groups have been the most popular sellers this far. “The shapes have a unique appeal,” she says. For example, the Outline bra has a distinct curve on the cup’s top edge, and the Evolve knickers’ feature a cheeky high cut leg opening that is hidden behind a flowy peplum skirt. “These piece’s aren’t overwhelming,” she adds. “They have a graceful and subtle approach and I feel that’s why women admire them more.”

In all of her work, Morrison aims to deliver styles that inspire and empower women to feel confident about their bodies. She says that the new colorway will continue to speak to this message. “Using black, in these styles creates a darker undertone compared to the original range,” adds Morrison. “There is definitely something sexier and more appealing about black that ties in with my previous collection.”

She will continue to be inspired by black colorways. “I’m planning on continuing similar themes in my next collection Dark Paradise,” Morrison adds.

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