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“I love all the aspects of having my lingerie brand especially wrapping up an order and slipping in a personalised note.” – Carly Morrison.

Designer Carly Morrison started making lingerie for one of the most important customers ever – herself.

“I started Dream & Drive lingerie because I noticed when I searched for lingerie in stores, often sizes wouldn’t fit or would be uncomfortable,” says Carly. “What was missing was comfort infused with design, pieces having an alternative stylish edge while maintaining great fit and comfort.”

This is how Dream & Drive lingerie was born. An alternative ethical lingerie label with a focus on high-quality production, Dream & Drive incorporates handmade details and luxury finishes.

She puts time, thought and love into every piece she makes to ensure a unique design and a perfect fit. Dream & Drive caters to all shapes and sizes from XS to XXXL, offering a bespoke custom order service, which is made-to-measure to your specific size.


The Dream & Drive collection made its debut on Etsy. Carly’s first pieces were all PVC—her best seller was a high-waisted knicker with an exposed center back zip. “Anything high-waisted sells well for me,” she says.

Dark Pleasures


“All lingerie pieces are handmade locally here in South Australia.” – Carly Morrison.

While she doesn’t make as much PVC now, it’s a theme in her work that has continued. Her latest collection, Dark Paradise features pieces that embrace the waist and of course darker lingerie. This collection features all black mesh pieces in a minimalist style. It is finished with bows and uses satin elastic as lines contouring the body.

Dream and Drive

There are five bra styles in Dark Pleasure: the Doubled Bralette, Hold Me Bralette, Thirds Bralette, Evolve Bralette and the Outline Quarter Cup Bra. Each style comes with a matching bottom like the Evolve Knickers which feature an overlay of flowing peplum.

“Sweet and sexy knickers in between knickers and a skirt,” says Carly of the design. “Definitely a unique piece for you collection.”

Eagle-eyed fans will note that this knicker style was also featured in Carly’s previous collection, Golden Flowers and was one of TLJ’s favorite Dream & Drive styles.

Golden Flowers

Dream & Drive Lingerie Golden Flowers Feature Image

In contrast, Golden Flowers, her previous collection, is a lighter, more feminine collection inspired by the sentiment of gift giving. Styles feature contrasting shades of nude and black and playful embellishments, like bows, that are reminiscent of a gift.

Dream & Drive Lingerie Golden Flowers Bow Me Bralette

“I was inspired by the shape of flowers, X’s and bows – all gestures one would associate with giving gifts,” Carly says. “I focused on the shapes of what these gestures of gifts would be, as you can see in the X of the Bow Me panties and a centered bow like a wrapped present. Golden Flowers became a representation of love – how we feel lucky to know someone like they are a gift to us.”

Both collections, like all of Carly’s work, is made in her South Australia studio using materials that are locally sourced. Both of Dream & Drive’s collections are available on the brand’s Etsy Shop and website with free shipping for orders in Australia.

Dream and Drive

Carly emphasizes that she’s available for lingerie fanatics shopping on Etsy and works to answer all questions.

“Customers on etsy are so keen to get in touch and ask questions whether it be about, customization or sizing. So it makes for a positive experience for everyone because customers feel they are getting the most out of their purchase – they want to know for certain it will be right for them which is true for every lingerie label it’s so much more than a basic item.” said Carly of her experience with shoppers on the e-commerce platform.

Learn more about Dream & Drive

Email: hello@dreamanddrive.com.au
Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/dreamanddrive
Website: http://www.dreamanddrive.com.au/shop

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