Dreamgirl Adds Black Diamond Hosiery Line to In Stock Guarantee Program

Dreamgirl International’s Black Diamond signature hosiery line recently received an inventory lift with its inclusion into the company’s In Stock Guarantee Program (ISG) for 2011.

The ISG program maintains inventory on best sellers that are ready to ship overnight to US retailers at a moment’s notice.

“Black Diamond has developed into a consistently strong performer. That is the main reason for the dramatic expansion of the line into our In Stock Guarantee Program. Our goal is to give our customers the best quality product and service in the industry.” states Dreamgirl CEO, Christopher Scharff.

For 2011, Dreamgirl is adding new colors to best selling styles including Plus size: Florence, Moscow, Amsterdam, Seville, Ambrose, Tuscany and Kiev. They have also added new Garter Dresses and Garter Belt lace top shorts styles London and Dubai, which the latter is a combination of best selling Verona and Monaco.

The Black Diamond Collection consists of One Size Fits Most and One Size Fits Most Queen. Wholesale prices range from $1 to $7 for hosiery.

For details, images and wholesale inquires, visit: dreamgirldirect.com

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