Effortless Valentine’s Day Shopping for Men

by Margaret Shrum
Margaret Shrum aka The Lingerie Goddess is a NYC-based Fine Lingerie Expert & Personal Shopper with over two decades of hands-on experience styling and fitting thousands of women in lingerie. Her compassionate and feminine approach has attracted a following of women who are also interested in embracing and owning their unique beauty with lingerie through her company www.thelingeriediet.com. She also offers women a free online Lingerie Circle Community www.thelingeriegoddess.com where women can participate in her 30 Day Lingerie Diet Challenge and purchase her Ebook, Secrets of The Lingerie Diet.

Valentine’s Day lands on a Monday this year.  Some couples will be celebrating the weekend prior and others on February 14. For lingerie retailers, this can be a slam-dunk opportunity in sales when catering to men.  Especially the men who often wait until the very last minute to purchase Valentine’s gifts. 

Add Sales Help
With this in mind, lingerie boutiques need extra staff and an organized plan to cater to the constant flow of male clients walking in the doors to purchase gifts the week before V-Day. Having extra sales help to answer questions, pull sizes, make recommendations and close the sale will ensure less men walk out empty handed.

Make Men Comfortable
Stores can begin by creating a comfortable, effortless and pleasurable shopping experience for the men. Have enough staff on deck to welcome and engage men in conversations so they can assist them with their gift selection. Some men are comfortable walking into a lingerie boutique, but for many men it can be an extremely intimidating and even daunting experience. Salespeople need to be trained on how to gently engage in conversations with all types of men to put them at ease. Once the men are comfortable, begin by asking open-ended questions to find out what they came in to buy. Listen to what the client wants and make recommendations based on the client’s wishes.

“Men are generally straightforward when it comes to purchasing lingerie. They like the idea of surprising their partner with lingerie and often have a price range that they are willing to spend. Most of the time they just need a little guidance and lingerie education before they come to a decision,” – Margaret Shrum

Make Gift Selection User Friendly
Merchandising the store in a way that makes gift selection user friendly for men is key. A suggestion for lingerie boutiques is to select and pre-wrap “gifts” by price points (example: ranging from $50, $100, $150, $250, etc.)  Feature these gifts by displaying them on mannequins or have a gift look-book with photos.  For men who are in a hurry, this can save time by creating pre-wrapped gifts “to-go”, they just need to say yes, get the right size and color, then pay.
Think About Your Offerings
Opt for ease and suggest items like sexy nightgowns, silk robes, short & camisole sets and lingerie that are generally sized small, medium and large.  Even a pretty selection of sexy panties can be fun to receive, like an assortment of colorful Hanky Panky thongs, which are one-size fits all. If he knows her sizes and wants to spend a little more, a great idea could be a black garter belt and a couple pairs of pretty stockings or a corset and stockings. Because bra sizes can be difficult for men to know, steer away from bra & pantie sets unless he knows her sizes well.
The Power of POS Displays
Near the register, be sure to offer add-on gift items, like massage oil, scented candles, lingerie wash and under $20 items. Have your staff suggest one of these add-on gifts to each customer, most men will say yes.
Wrap it Up
To make the shopping experience even more effortless, be sure to offer complimentary gift-wrapping and offer a free gift card for them to fill out while they wait. Also, have a place for men to sit and relax offer drinks and snacks and they will leave feeling taken care of. For men who are not able to find what they want, recommend a store gift card in the amount they wanted to spend. Plant the idea that they can come shopping together and she can select something that she wants to wear for him. It’s a win/ win for all involved!

If a man is satisfied with his shopping experience, chances are that he will probably come back again to shop.

Margaret Shrum

If you have any lingerie questions for me, please email askmargaret@thelingeriediet.com.

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