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“Surrounded by a hive of creativity, eLai’s catwalk was a huge success.” – Sue Parker.

Sue Parker, Red Box Lingerieby Sue Parker, Founder of RBL, redboxlingerie.com
Sue is the founder of RBL luxury lifestyle lingerie boutique, specializing in independent, innovative British lingerie designers. I believe lingerie should be many things to a woman, stylish, luxurious, unique, daring, sophisticated etc. And as Chantal Thomas once said, “the difference between lingerie and underwear, is that Lingerie should NEVER be boring”.

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Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to eLai London’s fashion show as part of RAW artists, Translations event that took place at Proud Camden. RAW organisers set the scene with an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and photography displayed around the main stage and stables of the venue. Surrounded by a hive of creativity, eLai’s catwalk was a huge success attracting attention from all who attended.

Invited back stage I took the opportunity to ask Eva Lai (eLai London’s designer) some questions about her collection and inspiration.

elai London's Eva with models

Above: elai London’s Eva Lai (third from left) with models.

Eva, how would you describe your unique style?

Classically elegant with a bit of kink and a scintilla of naughtiness. I like to create pieces that are comfortable to wear, but has a bit of edge to them and could reflect different wearer’s personality or mood.

The models were were keen to express how comfortable they felt in your underwear, how do you select which fabrics to use?

Touch of the fabric is just as important as the aesthetic to me. Materials that I use are to invoke the senses and have to feel soft against skin. They are aimed to make wearers not just look great, but also feel great. After all you can’t feel sexy and confident in something that you’re not comfortable in. I particularly love sheer fabrics, I use a lot of silk chiffon and mesh, I love the idea of being covered up but you can still just get a glimpse of what’s underneath…

eLai London Photo by Wears London

Above: eLai London Photo by Wears London.

Your designs are very sexy, who is the woman you design for?

Someone who appreciates my ideas and the narrative behind the collections, looking for comfortable, contemporary pieces that are unique and not owned by the mass market. The brand is very new so I’m still searching for a right target market, but I guess right now, it would have to be a confident woman who’s not afraid to explore something different, as my designs are sometimes a bit adventurous and risqué.

elai London catwalk

Does this mean you design lingerie for the boudoir or do you intend for your designs to be worn everyday?

To show it off! It’s for both in or out the bedroom, but every piece has an element to it that is worn to be seen: whether it’s the shoulder straps, the embellished bra cup, the bodysuit for matching with a pair of jeans, or a sheer top or gown that can be worn out as a cover-up..it is designed to be seen, so women don’t have to worry about hiding their underwear!

Learn More

To learn more about eLai London, please visit them at: www.elai.co.uk

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To see more of eLai London’s collections we have a dedicated image gallery here.

Makeup: Nikita Wright & Ioana Stefan
Hair: Cecilie H Skaarup

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