Elila Glamour Collection

Elila Glamour

Above: Elila Glamour Bra, Panty and matching Garter.

This month, we want to look back at one of the most luxurious sets we saw at CURVENY by full-bust specialist Elila — Glamour. It’s a new group from the NYC-based brand and is a three-piece set featuring a lovely embroidered bra, garter and matching panty. The bra features an underwire, a sling and beautiful pin tucks designed for additional support and lift.

If you were lucky enough to see this set at CURVE, you would have noticed all the lovely embroidered details. It was a treat to look at and we took a few close ups to give our readers a better view.

Elila Glamour Close Up

Elila Glamour Close Up Elila Glamour Close Up

Above: Close ups of the Elila Glamour Collection taken at CURVENY.

Elila’s founder, Ellen Jacobson noted that the bra goes up to a 46K and a 5X bottom and comes in a beautiful antique white. At CURVENY, the brand’s model, Asia Mone’t said, “I feel so glamorous in this set! It is so hard to find such a style in this cup size and I’m so happy to have it!”

Behind the Seams at CURVENY Elila photos by Around Digital Media

Above: Elila at CURVENY. Photo by Around Digital Media.

You can see the new Glamour Collection in our recent video we shot at CURVENY or in our new Buyer’s Guide. Follow the links below for more detailed info on the collection or brand.

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