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Empreinte SS16 POMPADOUR Poudre

“[Empreinte] caters to sizes C to G, offering full cups, balconettes (low neck), dressing up solutions and a variety of matching briefs.”

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor.

It’s a French brand that has left its imprint on the global market for 70 years and Empreinte continues to show why French styled lingerie is so coveted by women around the world.

The attention to detail and craftsmanship associated with Empreinte lingerie is enviable, as well the intricate design that fits and flatters the fuller bust so that women don’t have to choose between support and style.

Empreinte SS16 ELSA Blanc

Styled with a keen sense of “haute couture”, Empreinte keeps the modern woman up to date with the latest colours trends and styles to answer the needs of her wardrobe. The brand caters to sizes C to G, offering full cups, balconettes (low neck), dressing up solutions and a variety of matching briefs.

As anticipated, SS16 presents an array of shape and colour to celebrate the spirit of the warmer season. Trends are inspired by garden blooms – the irrepressible beauty, delicacy and irresistible fragility of flowers. Whimsical and tender, poignant and captivating – however we like to describe them, flourishing flora are at the heart of spring and summer and Empreinte presents them in full salute with lingerie fashion as if plucked from a bouquet.
Here’s a look at Empreinte SS16 collections.


Empreinte SS16 HANAE Cerisier

Decorated with that familiar bloom that says “spring is here” – cherry tree flower. The blossoming of the cherry tree symbolizes the awakening of nature and the warming of the atmosphere. The design concept of Hanaé is influenced by the “Rising Sun” and is reflected in its flamboyant thread display consisting of intricate fan-like embroidery against tulle. The bra is not only visually stunning all the way up to its double embroidered scalloped straps but has a dotty textured appeal to engage the sense of touch. The Cerisier shade plays to the nuances of that trumpeting flower of the cherry tree.


Empreinte SS16 POMPADOU Rnoir GP

To wear Pompadour is to be seen -it’s all about being somewhat showy. Pompadour is reminiscent of not only the opulent gardens of the 18th Century Royal Court of Versailles but also of the resplendent garments of the ladies who roamed the royal gardens, enjoying its lavish landscape. French and Swiss fabrics collaborate towards an elaborate embroidered display with the highlight of the interpretation being a flora spectacle on the top cup. Chiffon bows and draped effect on the briefs speak of the sheer elegance of Pompadour. Ciel and Poudré colours symbolize the pastel hues of the Court gardens but Black will undoubtedly be the standout color of Pompadour.


Empreinte SS16 ELSA fume
An ode to the rose – the symbol of true love and romance. Elsa is lovingly adorned with a stirring interpretation of this precious flower, creatively done in such a way that’s appealing as both a boudoir and day time piece. Comfort is key to this style so to this end microfibre knit is employed to feel loving against the skin. Stylized rose motif with a shimmer/matte finish is glamour to no end with this style which can be enjoyed in delicate colors of White, Fumé and Pétale.

Grace & Melody: Seamfree Sophistication

Empreinte SS16 GRACE Smoothie
The seamless lace of these two styles makes them sure contenders for summer. Grace and Melody are timeless shapes played out on easy to wear lace fabrics. Melody is an Empreinte bestseller, showing off the innovation and beauty of seamfree styling that’s not overly utilitarian in appearance as it bears the mark of two-tone threads in its lace.

Empreinte SS16 MELODY Gold

Melody appears in a delightful gold motif for SS16. Leavers lace gracefully traces the neckline of Grace – a style designated to capture the spirit of the French Riviera, reminiscent of the carefree but cinematic charm of the Dolce Vita. Grandiose openwork flower patterns sit against sensuous Plumetis dotted tulle, emphasizing an innovatively presented amalgamated but unbroken lace effect that’s perfect for round the clock glamour. Enjoy Grace in a Smoothie color this summer.


Empreinte SS16 THALIA Pacific
Created to fit like an etching on the body, Thalia is a superior work in lingerie architecture. The lower neckline is built to flatter the décolletage. Thalia is a spot-on vacation range – presented in low-neck and padded plunge for essential alternation. Its colorway of Pacific is the kind of blue backdrop that holidays are made of.

Lily Rose

Empreinte SS16 LILLY ROSE Argent
Although the highlight of summer is that welcomed flash of colour, subtlety is still often very much in demand as well. Lily Rose by Empreinte is an ideal way to bring that buffer to the intense colorways of SS16. Lily Rose is intricate embroidery meets Toile de Jouy influenced print to bring to life a retro vibe that’s so elegantly presented. To add that undeniable touch of class, Lily Rose is adorned with Mother-of-Pearl button on satin ribbon. This beautiful bra can be experienced in twinkly Argent, delicious Chantilly and striking White colors this summer.

Without a doubt, this is a stunning SS16 catalogue of pieces from Empreinte. A bouquet of pastels, intense colours and mesmerizing contrasting hues make for a perfect potpourri of choice all through the summer months. Empreinte will certainly leave its mark on SS16.

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