Erickson Beamon Collaborates With NaïS Lingerie

Erickson Beamon Collab With Nais

“Seen in transparency”-Anaïs Bouchard

As much as we hate to admit it, reality has set in and Fashion Week is over. Last week was a very captivating time. The streets were packed with men and women dressed to the nines sporting ensembles that caught the attentions of fashion photographers and style bloggers from around the country. It was any wonder that local New Yorkers and out of towners hung around the steps of the Lincoln Center just to catch a glimpse of the glamour. Lucky for us we were able gain access to a unique collaborative show presented by Erickson Beamon and NaïS Lingerie.

Walking into the show there was a hum of intense excitement. Fashion lovers and professionals in the industry jostled for the perfect view as models were carted around on display. In the back musicians dressed in breathtaking dresses sat ringing Tibetan singing bowls and strumming a heart resonating bass. With all the other lights dimmed, the center of the room stood out vibrantly. The informal presentation allowed for onlookers to walk around the circle to see the pieces from different angles and move closer to the models to take in all the fine details. Overall, it made for a sensational experience, one that will surely not be forgotten in the weeks to come.

The teams from Erickson Beamon and NaïS met in the early stages of the design process to produce collections that were in complete harmony.

Erickson Beamon Collab With Nais

The designer from NaïS, Anaïs Bouchard, explained to us that she created the lingerie keeping in mind that many of the dresses were see through. As she put it “seen in transparency.” Through the gorgeous gowns viewers were able to catch sight of vintage inspired bustiers and high waisted briefs. Made with microfiber fabric with just a hint of sheen, the cage bustiers added an heir of mystery and sophistication to the Spring 13 Erickson Beamon collection. The lingerie, while retro inspired, was fully updated for the modern girl to go along with the innerwear as outerwear trend.

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