Eucalan Launches Wrapture Solid Perfume

Eucalan Wrapture Solid Perfume

Eucalan Inc. and designer Kristin Omdahl introduced their newest product at this month’s CurveNY and Curve Las Vegas shows — Wrapture Solid Perfume.

Eucalan at CurveNY

Eucalan’s Jennifer Edgar at CurveNY

The solid perfume is a portable, compact handbag essential that won’t leak and makes it easy for air travel.

“Wrapture’s emollient rich formula feels silky and absorbs quickly leaving behind the beautifully intoxicating scent of jasmine which is a natural aphrodisiac,” said Jennifer Edgar of Eucalan. “As you would expect from Eucalan, the formula is all natural, alcohol free, contains no preservatives, colour or petroleum and is vegan making it ideal for people with allergies and sensitivities to artificial fragrance, chemicals and traditional eau de toilette sprays. ”

Edgar suggest that Wrapture Solid Perfume will be a nice add-on sale for retail customers and supports Eucalan’s growing brand.

Wholesale Questions?

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