Eucalan Lingerie Wash History

Eucalan Lingerie Wash

It all started with a trip to beautiful Australia. Eucalan founder, Mary Ellen Edgar was visiting a friend and doing some laundry when her friend provided her with the Ministry of Agriculture’s home remedy for a no-rinse laundry product for woolens.

The no-rinse formula wash is a must for Australians who must often economize with well water. Mary tried it, and fell in love!

Eucalan’s Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Edgar, explains, “Our President, Mary Ellen Edgar had a gut feeling to have the wash made. She knew it was a different concept that we just weren’t accustomed to here”.

After fine-tuning the formula, Eucalan, “…started slowly by going to consumer shows in the Toronto area and Northeastern US. The business grew by word of mouth and we started attending trade-only events”.

Eucalan Lingerie Wash

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So what is a no-rinse wash and what are its benefits?

Jennifer explains that, “No rinsing means that Eucalan is an easy one step process. By not having to rinse out a heavy detergent with strong perfumes, you’re saving at least double or triple the water because you only fill your sink or basin once. The risk of a water temperature change from wash to rinse is the real culprit for causing shrinking in the fibers. In addition, the simple act of rinsing and causing more friction on the delicate fibers can leave them broken and frayed. Not rinsing saves you time and helps extend the life of your special pieces!”

Eucalan is as easy as it is practical. The no-rinse wash can be used in both front and top-loading washing machines as well as in a basin for hand-washing.

eucalyptus + lanolin = Eucalan

The etymology of the eco-friendly company’s name, Eucalan, is a combination of two main ingredients from the original product formula — eucalyptus and lanolin. The original eucalyptus scented product is still available along with current best-seller, lavender. Both eucalyptus and lavender possess moth-inhibiting qualities, a plus for your favorite knits!

Other scent options include grapefruit, which has natural disinfectant properties and Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Edgar’s personal favorite, Wrapture. Wrapture is a jasmine-scented wash with a beautiful and intoxicating scent that definitely challenges lavender for its spot as top-selling fragrance.

CurveNY Eucalan booth with Jennifer Edgar and Kristin Omdahl

Above: Eucalan’s Jennifer Edgar and Kristin Omdahl.

“We were the first accessory brand to exhibit at Lingerie Americas and then at CURVEXPO. It has snowballed ever since then!”

You may have notice that we keep hinting at Eucalan’s great use for knitted fabrics and woolens, well, that’s because that’s the way Eucalan got its start! The no-rinse wash’s initial sales came from independent local yarn shops. Founder, Mrs. Edgar’s big breakthrough happened after selling a case of Eucalan to a merchant who promoted hand-knitted sweaters at the Canadian National Exhibition.

Soon, feedback started pouring in from customers who had success using Eucalan on everything from silk garments to delicate lingerie pieces. Jennifer reveals, “Then we got a letter from Canadian lingerie designer Patricia Fieldwalker. She had been using Eucalan herself and giving it as gifts at the prestigious trade events she attended in Europe. Patricia introduced us to our Japanese distributor and recommended we attend lingerie trade shows in the US. We were the first accessory brand to exhibit at Lingerie Americas and then at CURVEXPO. It has snowballed ever since then!”

Eucalan POS Dispaly at CURVENY

Eucalan around the World

Since Mary Ellen Edgar founded the company in 1991, the brand has exploded with growth and she need a little more help to bring Eucalan to the world. Luckily, her family was there to support her and work with her to bring the ecological wash to the world.

As Jennifer explains, there are many benefits to being a family-run business, “We all feel incredibly proud of our accomplishments and take every comment (good or bad) to heart. Being together over the holidays and for special events means we can discuss future plans or direction when everyone is conveniently together!

It’s not all work though. A family business means that someone can pick up the slack and chip in if necessary. This is especially helpful when it comes to travel for shows or making store visits; working on weekends or evenings. We have a strong group of staff in our office and warehouse who are like family to us and we trust them to have the same level of care and passion that we have towards our customers and product”.

With a solid foundation in family and ecological awareness, Eucalan continues to take over the world. Their original retail customer base of yarn and lingerie shops remains strong, however, their potential growth lies in the company’s ability to impress a broader consumer demographic that Eucalan offers a great new spin on laundry and a practical alternative to dry cleaning fine fabrics. Eucalan is the do-all detergent for the modern shopper looking for an easy, eco-conscious solution to preserve her favorite things, from lingerie drawer and beyond.

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